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An interesting point

Eilish McColgan on being a woman:

we are not just reduced-testosterone humans.

4 thoughts on “An interesting point”

  1. I was reading about Jon Jones the UFC champion fighter who’s been banned a few times for PEDs, is on the comeback. Before he actually pinged for something he was heavily suspected to be taking some sort of PED because he had ultra low testosterone levels found in his urine…to the point he would have the same level as someone castrated. This is because the various anabolic steroids inhibit testosterone production. This means Jon Jones would pass the low T bar they’re proposing for women’s sports, and if he can destroy heavy weight men (and yes he can), if he identified as a woman,,it’d be murder to put him in with women.

  2. reduced-testosterone humans

    Excellent comment by the lovely Eilish, but it would not surprise me if some cvnts nick her phrase and start calling women (both real women and imaginary women on hormone treatments or who’ve had their bollocks removed) precisely this.

  3. I naturally feel that the old fashioned approach is the best solution.

    We go back to the classical system of all having all the athletes naked. And those with pricks go in one box, and those with cunts in the other.

    But, while I’m sure the girls’d love to keep the blokes out of their events, they’d shriek and howl if they couldn’t compete in the blokes competition.

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