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Applause! Applause!

@Arthur the cat – “When I was young a story told by a bloke in a frock was called a sermon.”

The difference is the drag queens don’t expect you to have sex with them.

Oh, very good indeed. Wish I’d said that. As with Oscar, no doubt I will too.

6 thoughts on “Applause! Applause!”

  1. New vicar doing confession for the first time. On the inside of the confessional was a list of the penances:

    Sinner (S)’Forgive me father, I have sinned’,
    Vicar (V) ‘What did you?’
    (S) ‘Stole £2 from the Poor Box’
    Vicar looks down list =
    (V) Oh that is a sin, say three hail Mary’s and put £3 in the poor box’.

    Next Sinner:
    (S) ‘Forgive me father, I have sinned’
    (V) ‘What did you do?’
    (S) ‘Gave my boyfriend a blow job’
    Vicar looks down list but blow job isn’t on there. Vicar pulls back curtain and asks passing altar boy “What did the previous Father give for a blow job?”
    Altar boy replies “A Mars Bar”…….

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