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Err, no

University cheating doubles after switch to online exams

Detected, or bad, cheating doubles……

4 thoughts on “Err, no”

  1. Online exams? It’s probably better to just keep lowering the standards for a pass, so that all can win a prize. The end result is the same (meaningless qualifications) but at least you don’t inculcate habits of dishonesty as part of the system.

    Here’s a radical idea, though. Learn your stuff, turn up, sit an exam in a hall or lab. Prove who you are with some ID (so no burqas) or maybe even your prof could check you in. It’s not as if they’ve got any marking to do yet, is it?

  2. When I started teaching in HE, exams were invigilated by Academic staff. Looking young, then, I was once sent out from the exam room by the Chief Invigilator, only to be bollocked later for turning up when all the papers had been distributed. I told him he was a Cupid Stunt, which led me to be being bollocked by yet another group of idiots.
    As I grew older, my ‘Institution’ began to be more and more stupid. Progressively replacing academic staff by paid invigilators, usually silver-haired OAPs who had little control over the students. At first, an Academic was the chief, and on one occasion I told (my) students that if they played up, I was marking the exam, and incidentally, I was carrying their papers and if I had an accident with them, they’d be back in their own time for a resit. It did the trick. Prior to retirement, we weren’t supposed to turn up to the exams at all, which made it rather difficult for students to question (say) a typo on the paper.
    When lectures turned to death by Powerpoint, lecturers had to log on to the lecture theatre console computer, which meant that students could surreptitiously instal key logger software, and acquire passwords, giving them access to exam papers and worked solutions, as staff didn’t have separate accounts for different purposes.
    Eventually, we were made to stop students putting their names on the papers, and put a number instead. However, we were all issued with a list of names and numbers so that we could put their marks into the Uni computer system!

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