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Err, yes, that pitchfork moment

Flaming brands, lions with lasers:

A nurse was given a £100 fine for littering after she fed a group of ducks.

Susan Watson, 68, a dementia nurse said she was “shocked and embarrassed” when a council worker approached her by the River Medway in Tonbridge, Kent, after she had torn up a piece of bread and scattered it among the ducks last month.

She was then spoken to by an officer from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC) and given a £100 fine for littering.

Ms Watson told KentOnline: “I was so shocked. I remember someone started to run after me, shouting ‘hello’. He told me I was on camera and that I had committed an environmental infringement.

It’s the tiny things that spark. The trigger is something so obviously nonsense that the entire structure comes into clear view. The fuckwits have taken over – Carthage here we come.

11 thoughts on “Err, yes, that pitchfork moment”

  1. Well, of course they went after a 68 year old white working woman, Tim! They are hardly going to hang around until dusk and approach the cigarette butt throwing yoof who hang around parks, are they?

    Low hanging fruit.

  2. Not quite a case of fuckwits taking over.

    The fine was issues by an enforcement officer working for National Enforcement Solutions (NES) rather than the council. NES seem to employ at least one fuckwit though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a function of the way those contracted private enforcement firms work with the enforcement officers being “required” to meet fine quotas.

  3. Yeah they only work 9-5 and are not likely to fine kebab and chuck up on the pavement types.

    And they dress up in their pseudo police firearm unit uniforms to scare these old ladies and others who they can screw money out of.

    At least the mafia wear suits and are nice to their mammas

  4. Did it start with banning free sleeping outside?

    Did they come for the homeless, and did you turn a blind eye, and now are they coming for the bird feeders, which is closer to home (pun intended)?

  5. @doc bud

    No you’re under no obligation to give your name or address. Tell them you’re late for an appointment and walk away – being polite, telling them to fuck off wont help. They can’t do anything other than call the police, who aren’t likely to turn up for bird feeding

  6. I can’t recall where I recently read about the outsourcing of policing such activities, like parking enforcement fine mad, by local authorities. Maybe it was on here?

    I do recall example of decent citizens clearing rubbish from local car parks, placing black sacks full of said rubbish in council bins and then getting fined £400 for fly tipping as it wasn’t their personal bin.

    The above site does sterling work highlighting the madness.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’d be quite happy for them to come round here and fine the fuckers who leave dog shit bags hanging in hedgerows and lying on verges. I’d be even happier if they brought a few lions along.

  8. Lions? Lasers? AK47s?
    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  9. RSM

    Are you saying failure to index link incomes leads to Bergen- Belsen? Hence the Niemoller allusion? ‘First they came for the homeless’?

    A rare comment that surpasses Murphy…

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