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For anyone who can bear it

I am on my way to Pitlochry this morning. It’s a 430 mile trip. The reason is that I will be appearing on Debate Night on BBC Scotland tonight, which is being recorded this evening at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre for broadcast at 10.30pm on BBC Scotland. You can get it in the rest of the UK on iPlayer. Just look for BBC Scotland.

Given his last public debate in Scotland over GERS the outcome could be amusing. If anyone could bear checking in and letting us know?

14 thoughts on “For anyone who can bear it”

  1. A 430 Mile roundtrip to appear on a program that maybe 100 people might see in person, but where contributions could just as easily be conducted over Zoom ?

    One could, wrongfully I’m sure, believe the professor’s climate concerns are merely illusory.

  2. Just the expectation of Spudulike’s arrival has caused Wee Nippie to resign! The power of this ‘man’ is incredible (in it’s true sense).

  3. “his last public debate in Scotland over GERS”: in Scotland “GERS” usually refers to Glasgow Rangers, the football club.

    (Personally I’d like to see both Rangers and Celtic, and all their supporters, vanish from the face of the earth, but that’s a different point.)

  4. @dearieme
    Bit harsh. Keep the supporters, on the condition that neither club can ever be mentioned by anyone ever again. Burn the stadiums and salt the ground they stood on though.

  5. if anyone could bear checking in and letting us know?
    Nah. Previous appointment for root canal work. Wouldn’t miss the pleasure for the world.

  6. You’ll be pleased to know it’s currently 6° (real feel -1) likelihood of rain. 4° overnight. Yellow wind warning. Jockland hardly exerted itself but it tried.

  7. It sounds as though he might have to turnaround and the debate has been cancelled!

    It has presaged one of his most vintage posts ever.

    I have to admit to some relief. Many from outside the SNP and Scotland have seen Sturgeon as a smooth political operator. Those within it have not seen it that way. There have been serious questions about:

    – Her authoritarian control of the SNP, which has been managed by a tiny coterie around her and her husband.

    Says the man who could start an argument in a phone booth, refused Labour advisory positions as they weren’t putting him in charge and has fallen out with the TJN and virtually every other organization he has been associated with.

    – Her commitment to independence, when dithering about when and if another referendum might take place has become the norm.

    She has tried to hold a second referendum repeatedly despite the courts ruling it unconstitutional – maybe she should have gone down the Catalan route (Oops – EU good, Brexit Bad – even when it comes to coping with potential separatists – or was that only on Friday?

    – Her commitment to neoliberal economics and austerity, most especially seen in the notorious Growth Commission recommendations.

    Sturgeon is very far to the left of North Korea on a number of issues – the idea she could be called ‘neoliberal’ is surely satirical? Surely that post ought to get him removed from his academic position? You have to have some vague contact with reality?

    – Her refusal to listen to her party over the issue of Scottish currency, and much else.

    He’s desperate to get a currency that could be weaker than the North Korean won and the Zimbabwean dollar – the idea that a Scottish currency would do anything other than plummet like a stone is comical.

    Oddly I share his disdain for the woman and my one regret is she can’t be executed for myriad reasons but I am guessing my critique is likely to be a bit ‘neoliberal’ for his taste. Just barking mad – utterly insane.

  8. Martin Near The M25

    True VP. He even disagrees with himself, sometimes in the next sentence. He threw away vermine by not keeping quiet for a few weeks. If he had a more agreeable personality he’d be much more dangerous.

  9. Ha ha. Apparently Spud got at least as far as Newcastle before having to turn round. He’s just tweeted from Newcastle train station.

  10. Poor Ritchie. No doubt he will be submitting a big expense claim to the BBC.

    Watch out for him jumping on the bandwagon of Sturgeon’s successor.

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