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Global Warming. Defnit

Incoming Deep Freeze Could Leave U.S. Northeast Its Coldest in Decades
Parts of New England could see wind chills down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

12 thoughts on “Global Warming. Defnit”

  1. Well, it was the storyline of that climate change disaster movie of the 80’s. (Although it’d have to be more like 50 Kelvin to have helicopter pilots freezing solid in seconds). So, yep, definitely Al Gore’s Global Warming! (All contributions gratefully banked)

  2. BiS , I preferred Southpark’s version. If I’ve got it right “The Day Before the Day Before The Day After Tomorrow”

    That’s today! Cue screaming 🙂

  3. BiC: the earthquakes might be indirectly linked to the earth’s average temperature – you know, stuff expands when it gets hotter – but impossible to prove.
    It’s just as likely the FBI caused them to punish Erdogan for not giving in to his American overlords’s wishes.
    It’s a tragedy with so many lives lost. Hopefully the eventual rebuilding will follow Japanese-style building regulations – they know how to earthquake-proof even tall buildings

  4. @EdP. The regulations will require earthquake proof buildings but the builders won’t care as it will be cheaper to bribe someone to say the building is earthquake proof than build it as such.

  5. Think it’s now the increased variability of the climate that’s the problem with ice ages and global warming having fallen by the wayside. I guess it’s much easier to use in the scaremongering as your covered either way and averages only matter when you want them to matter

  6. BniC, you have found the buzz word of the future – ‘Variability’.

    Expect to see less ‘Man Made Global Warming’ and more ‘Man Made Climate Variability’ in the MSM as people start asking questions about where all the catastrophic warming has gone…..

  7. Please pay attention Tim, it isn’t global warming, it hasn’t been global warming since the turn of the millennium. It’s climate change, or, more recently, the climate emergency. Anything and everything can be attributed to climate change.

    Now give us your money.

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