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Good grief

Biden’s the most impressive president of my lifetime’: Mehdi Hasan on Fox News, tough questions and post-Trump politics

The delusion is strong with this one. And to think, he started out in broadcast as a sit in for Ian Dale……..

16 thoughts on “Good grief”

  1. Meanwhile on ChatGPT……..

    Joe Biden, leader of the land
    With a steady hand and a heart of a man,
    You took the helm in troubled times,
    With a message of unity, it chimes.

    Your words of hope and empathy,
    Provide comfort to the nation,
    You lead with compassion and grace,
    And set a new foundation.

    With your decades of experience,
    You guide us through the storm,
    etc etc

  2. I did support him dumping Afghanistan.

    Trump dumped Afghanistan; Biden just made it embarrassing.

    To be fair, President Biden’s Handlers have been pretty sensible on the world stage. They may be scrubbing Trump’s legacy at home but they’re following his international lead well. The disengagement with, and containment of, commie China being a fine example.

  3. “It’s incredible, isn;t it”

    “That an idiot such as this”

    “Could become”

    “President of the United States”

    Thanks Griff. Though it was comedy then.
    “Salute the Marines!”

  4. Biden + Impressive = Syntax Error.

    I tried to run the simulation, but the PC I used melted into slag while gibbering hysterically.

  5. I wonder who Biden’s handlers actually are? I mean, lots of them seem to be Team Obama from 2008-2016 cast in different roles, but whose actually in charge day-to-day?

    It can’t be Obama himself, since he’s always been far to lazy (before and after being POTUS) to do any actual work, so apart from a little advice here and their over how to destroy the US, the majority must be done by others.

    Is it just hirelings or is there some grey eminence in the West Wing who holds the actual power? It’s clearly no cock-sucking-Kamala or “Dr” Jill.

  6. On the Dem side, we don’t have presidents anymore. We have figureheads giving a face to a party apparatus. Few voted for Joe. Most voted against Trump, or for socialism.

    So, since we don’t have Trump, and we are moving to woke socialism, Joe is by definition a success.

  7. “I may be Irish but I’m not stoopid” said Joe. But he’s always been stoopid and now he’s demented as well.

  8. But he’s always been stoopid and now he’s demented as well.

    There’s stupid and there’s stupid. There’s obviously been some serious guile in him otherwise he wouldn’t have got where he did (senator and VP). In fact, politically surviving his own spectacular blunders, weirdness and blatant fabulism means he was an effective player on some high level. And then there’s the corruption; managing that enterprise for a sustained period takes skill.

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