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Hmm, oh aye?

He described Mrs Czernuszka’s position as “extremely vulnerable” and noted a size disparity between the two players, telling the court:”The claimant was thereby pinned in a bent over position by the actions of the first defendant.”

“She sustained an immediate severe spinal fracture and spinal cord injury as a direct result of this tackle,” he said.

So, size disparity in female rugby leads to significant injury. I this anti-trans playing female rugby, in that it’s an example of the dangers? Or pro-, in that it already happens anyway so what’s the fuss?

4 thoughts on “Hmm, oh aye?”

  1. I’d argue it’s simply, ‘I want 10 000 000 quid. So I’ll sue.’

    My personal opinion is that of the people at the time, that such accidents are a risk you take playing rugby. I feel sorry for the young woman, but shit happens.

  2. In this case there’s the suggestion that this was a deliberate physical assault over a past grievance, rather than an accidental sporting injury.

  3. wat dabney makes the key point about the case.
    A belly-flop isn’t a normal (nor, IMHO a legitimate) tackle.

  4. Having seen my sons play rugby I have grown used to seemingly violent contact however I’ve also observed that the actual dangerous play is consistently from the same player on the other team who shows poor impulse control and agression from the get go. Neck tackles, attempts to bend backs and necks, deliberate stamping on heads have been observed.

    I have sympathy with the fly-half here but it could be an accident. It could also be deliberate, albeit without the intent to cripple.

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