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I think it rather depends, doesn’t it?

Calling colleague a slag is ‘acceptable workplace banter’

Depends upon the workplace. Possibly not in the Cathedral Deanery and probably so on a trading floor? Bit like farting – Mum, of all folk, knows about your botty but you still try rather hard not to fart while having tea with her. While farting is, in a rugby changing room – and from memory which might be failing me – compulsory.

Times and places, horses for courses etc.

8 thoughts on “I think it rather depends, doesn’t it?”

  1. Exactly, context and intent are everything. As with Wills calling his colleague ‘Our little Paki friend’ (means ‘pure’ by the way – Pakistan, Land of the Pure), no malice, just friendly banter.

    Unfortunately, the terminally offended have taken over the asylum.

  2. Slag

    As in the Sweeney. “Shut it you slag !”. ?

    If it is to a lady, then surely ‘slapper’ is more appropriate ?

  3. You do remind me of my sweet neighbour Leane, telling me that people could see me wandering around the house naked.

    I naturally pointed out that if anyone was silly enough to look at me naked, they automatically suffered the appropriate punishment, they saw me.

    She evidently accepted my point, because she never bothered about it again.

  4. The employment judge was one Jared Duane Ficklin. Not only was there some dirty work at the font when judge Ficklin was a mewling nipper but pop Ficklin had since birth been bowed down under the burden of his handle as had been his earlier forebears.

    To such a one, terms like “slag”, “slut”, “slapper” and “shagger” must almost be terms of endearment.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Presumably it was only acceptable banter because it was woman on woman. Lets wait and see what happens when the defendant is a man.

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