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Isn’t this excellent?

Hundreds of thousands of women could benefit from cheaper hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as part of a scheme to cut prescription costs, the Department for Health has said.

From April 1, women prescribed HRT as part of menopause treatment will be able to access a new scheme to enable access to a year’s worth of treatment for just under £20, under a previously-announced scheme.

Health officials estimate that the change will benefit about 400,000 women, with a prescription pre-payment certificate for HRT valid for 12 months.

Just as there’s a nationwide shortage of HRT drugs. Let’s increase demand at a time of reduced supply. Stonks!

10 thoughts on “Isn’t this excellent?”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Of course the idiotic way in which the NHS passes drug prices on to patients is going to massively fiddle markets. However, the shortage is because of the NHS dictating to suppliers that they will pay one of the lowest prices in the world, not because of the prices paid by consumers for prescriptions.

    When supply globally is short, it’s shortest in the least profitable markets.

    Who knew?

  2. I’ve wondered for a while whether the shortage of HRT drugs is due to production/ supply chain holdups or because trannies are taking them – often illegally.
    Anyone know?

  3. @Jonathan There’s not nearly enough trannies in the world to cause a shortage.
    They may be loud and everywhere, but in absolute numbers they’re not even a rounding error on the total number of (potential) users.

  4. The idiotic NHS is promoting screening tests for this and that.

    7 million on the waiting list but instead of spending available funds on reducing it, they are spending them on adding to it.

  5. It’s a numbers thing, Jonathan.

    That stuff is used for M->F transitions. So males (at the start).
    If you take all the possible reasons why people would want to butcher themselves in that way, and apply different approaches at Napkin-Fu, you end up with ratios that all are in the range of 2-3^-4 of all males.

    For the UK that’d mean about 10.000 individuals over all age ranges.
    Sounds like a lot, but not all of them use that stuff, since you only need it if you still have your tackle. No way to find stats on that one, but assume a generous half would need to use it, so 5000 individuals for the UK.

    Now women in the age range where menopause happens, for the UK (2021 stats) would be roughly 6.5 million.
    Of course, not all women go into menopause at the same time, nor do they suffer effects that necessitate this type of medication.
    Hard to ballpark, but let’s assume about 20% of that number would benefit from this type of medication at any given time. That’d be 1.3 million women in the UK at any given time.

    Dividing those numbers gives us an estimate that the Trannies would make up 0.3-0.4% of the potential userbase for any available medication of this type.
    Or, as jocularly known: a rounding error.

  6. Note; it’s possible to “accurately” calculate the number of women “in need” based on known statistics about menopause, its progression, and population numbers. It’s the bread and butter of population biology.

    Same for the Trannies, although with a larger margin of error.

    But it’s the kind of headache you only do if you get paid to do it. And Napkin-Fu suffices here to make the point.

  7. What will the cost be to administer this new type of pre-payment scheme? Given that it’s NHS / Gov run, a fairly good chance it works out at more than £20/user/year so why not just give the stuff away for free?

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