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It’s an obvious joke

But then no one ever accused South Park of subtlety:

The red-headed prince and his wife, who wears a white hat and pink off-the-shoulder dress similar to the outfit worn by the Duchess of Sussex to Trooping the Colour in 2018, are shown publishing a book, appearing on TV for interviews and embarking on a worldwide “we want privacy” tour.

When we moved to the US from Russia I warned my wife that American TV was going to seem extremely bland. They just didn’t do anything cutting at all – stodge. Pretty people maybe but don’t look for grand satires or anything. So, of course, we sat down one evening for a drink and a bit of TV as we were settling in and the first show we watched was one of the first series of South Park.

My reputation as a cultural analyst took some time to recover from that.

8 thoughts on “It’s an obvious joke”

  1. Harry’s book is called “Waaah !’

    (But all US satire shows are cartoons. At least the ones we get to see. And also they are on cable. Yank friends see stuff on Ch4 and are stunned thst it is on broadcast TV).

  2. Otto,

    The thing with animation is that it even the higher quality stuff like Archer only costs about half the cost of live TV. South Park and Robot Chicken are cheaper. I think it’s easier to pitch stuff.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It’s quite something if ’90s Russian TV, I assume including a lot of reruns of Soviet-era material, was more fascinating than US.

  4. Our satire is in cartoons if it’s on TV. We have a lot of satirical live-action movies as well:

    Dr. Strangelove (American director, anyway)
    Thank You For Smoking
    Office Space
    Don’t Look Up
    The Road to Wellville

    Anyway, it’s funny they gave Harry a Canadian head. Apparently that country is a disease you contract. Encephamapleleafitis.

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