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Let’s make kids books not kids books

David Walliams could have ‘Roald Dahl-like humour’ edited from his books
Children’s author says Walliams, whose work has been accused of ‘casual racism’, is at risk because he knows ‘kids love transgression’

Quite so, kids love naughty. Part of the whole process of testing boundaries. So, and therefore, kids must not be allowed to test the boundaries of the current orthodoxy for who knows what Emperor’s clothes moments might arise?

That fear in itself showing the weakness of the current orthodoxy, of course.

11 thoughts on “Let’s make kids books not kids books”

  1. The bigger criticism of Walliams’s work is that it’s unexpurgated shite. People associate him with Roald Dahl because his publisher very sensibly got Quentin Blake to do the illustrations. But his books are utterly piss-poor.

  2. I wonder if the rights-holder of Dahl’s books has agreed to the woke-ruination of them, or whether a case exists for massive copyright infringement against the woke publishers?

    I guess that, being dead, Dahl cannot be defamed by the ‘re-imagining’, but his estate can be defrauded.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Old Dahl books some to become very valuable, no matter what state they’re in.

    The place to keep an eye on is charity shops as they tend to be well supplied after house clearances and they’re fairly good at spotting trends and putting up prices cf LPs.

  4. Remember just 20 years ago, when the BBC loved Walliams and the bald bloke from Vic and Bob, and couldn’t get enough of their cheeky catchphrase humour?

  5. Who are these self-appointed censors who feel they can decide what is good for our ickle ones?

    Steve!! Can I book a wednesday spot for the lion pit?

  6. I recall reading wind in the willows to an 8 year old. I’d forgotten that Toad’s not just bumbling gentry he’s an utter psychopath. 8 y.o. absolutely loved him and laughed uncontrollably at every Toot Toot.

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