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Not exactly, no

EPA vetoes Alaska mine to protect salmon in win for environmentalists
Move is a victory for the environment, economy and tribes of Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, and is ‘victory for science over politics’

Far more accurate to call it a triumph of politics over science…..

3 thoughts on “Not exactly, no”

  1. It certainly means that the greenies have more clout than the miners. But this was never in doubt.

    Must admit I don’t know anything about the mine, but the article doesn’t seem to prove that it’d cause any real problems. They might fill up some swamps, but getting rid of the mossies is always a plus in my view.

  2. Public choice theory rears its ugly head again. I don’t see how it could possibly be a win for the economy, or Up the Workers, but it’s the miners’ fault for not paying market rate in “Consultancy Fees.” At least the Greenies know that to get good service, tip extravagantly.

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