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Not that I’m in favour of assault, but

Justice group Animal Rebellion blocked Westminster Bridge in a demonstration against the government’s involvement in animal farming on Tuesday. Traffic was brought to a standstill for about an hour.

Five protesters were arrested for obstruction of the highway while a sixth person was arrested for allegedly assaulting a protester during the demonstration, the Metropolitan Police said.

As with being willing to break the law to make protest. It’s having to face the penalty of the law you’ve broken which adds the force to your protest. You’re willing to sacrifice for your cause.

So too facing the Great General Public with your tactics. It’s that you’re willing to put up with the reaction which gives force to the intensity of your beliefs.


That very willingness to take a slap is what underlines the protest?

3 thoughts on “Not that I’m in favour of assault, but”

  1. I of course feel that the law should be altered to allow the motorists to just drive straight over the rabble.

    The estates of all the participants should be fined to pay the full costs of any expenses to the motorists involved.

  2. If you watch the video, the “assault” was picking a smellie up and hauling them out of the road. Hardly the same as a good hard boot to the noggin, but still.

    I would also add that plod seemed a bit sharper to move them this time than the usual observation and offers of cups of tea, presumably because they were concerned that they couldn’t stop the crowd from giving the smellies a right good beating if the mood turned ugly.

    After all, this isn’t England, it’s London which is a foreign city.

  3. Maybe someone should dump a pig carcase amongst the protestors and bring it to the attention of the local gang of machete-equipped vibrants. That should make for an interesting spectacle

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