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Note the linguistic ommission here

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has now written to the home secretary asking her to urgently push through new laws allowing police chiefs to sack rogue officers on the spot. Although the Home Office is currently reviewing policing’s dismissal processes following the failure to remove Carrick as a serving officer, Khan is frustrated that existing laws mean that the Met is still being forced to employ officers who have committed serious offences.

No, who are alleged to have committed serious offences. Police officers are canned upon conviction. Khan’s demand here and now is to be able to sack upon allegation. At which point he can fuck off, can’t he?

8 thoughts on “Note the linguistic ommission here”

  1. I allege that Kahn is doing what Pakistani’s usually, allegedly do. Recruiting other Pakistani’s on inflated salaries then charging those lucky people a fee for getting them such well paying jobs. Allegedly.
    I hope that’s enough allege-ing for the legals…

  2. JuliaM


    I wonder if Mr Khan thinks that illegal immigrants should be immediately deported without due process too?
    The people deserve an answer…

  3. You commie. Surely employers being able to dismiss staff at will is good? I certainly support it.

    I used to think that was one of the better aspects of US employment law, essentially “at will hire-and-fire”, that people were free to choose whom to employ/be employed by and both parties were free to walk away at any time.

    Then US employees started firing people for their private opinions not expressed in the workplace (like the fact that the voted for Trump) and though courts seemed to think this was justifiable since “at will hire-and-fire” was a getout that covered both sides.

    So, no. I think if someone is convicted of a crime you are justified in giving them the Spanish Archer, if they’re merely accused of a crime (and particularly if the CPS decide not to prosecute), then it’s too titty and get over it.

    So yes, Führer Khan can get fucked.

  4. JuliaM – Should one include on the charge sheet the one million trees that Kahn claimed he was going to plant?

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