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Other politicians will take note

Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of leading Scotland to independence came to an abrupt end after her radical approach to transgender rights cost her the support of her party.

The Scottish First Minister unexpectedly announced her resignation as she admitted she had become a polarising figure.

Ms Sturgeon said she was no longer capable of increasing support for independence. Her plans to change the law on gender self-identification are now set to be ditched by the SNP, The Telegraph understands.

Politicians want their positions more than anything else. If being pro-trans to this extent loses a significant politician her position then many other politicians will not be, stop being, pro-trans to this extent.

In more detail here there’s a very vocal part of the political class demanding many things for the trans cause. Among the general public not so much. And that’s the thing about this democracy kick – at some point the general public do get asked.

26 thoughts on “Other politicians will take note”

  1. How pleased I am that this push-back has come.

    But this is the problem with all ‘reforms’. Something that seems reasonable, or at least not worth worrying about, goes through and then, with the bit between their teeth, the ratbags push on and on until it’s a complete fuckup.

  2. The left always do this. They always overreach and they eat their own.

    It could also be a recognition from within the SNP (I’m not in the UK so am not close enough to the action to know for sure) that Sturgeon is hated by too many people now. Rather like St Jacinda in NZ. You eventually push too far and make enemies of too many people.

  3. Sad that incompetence is not a reason for her departure

    McPlod, financial irregularities, policy over reach, independence further away than ever and the attractions of her real partner seem to weigh most heavily on this decision

  4. She can’t be resigning because of principles. She’s a politician. They don’t have ’em.

    I think Mr Starfish is closer to the mark.The £600,000, the ferries, I think deals are being done.

  5. Best political news of the last few months – brought a little smile amid the gloom. Once she had backed down on the female rapist issue, she was on the horns of an inescapable dilemma: if really female, then why not in women’s prison; if still male, then “hahahaha there’s a violent sex offender in a dress who has conned you into sending him to the fanny spa”.

    I thought she could possibly have survived by burying or deflecting this, but luckily there is no other good news for her.

  6. From Guido:

    Behind the scenes Sue Gray, the powerful Second Permanent Secretary to Cabinet Office, went out on a limb in Whitehall leading the mandarin’s efforts to block the block. She was hyperactive behind the scenes trying to stop Alister Jack using Section 35, claiming it would be terrible for the union and boost Nicola. Her expertise on the union has been found wanting…

    The were plenty of Tories who made the same, demonstrably wrong, argument. Senior Scottish Tory MSP Jamie Greene voted for the bill on those grounds. Penny Mordaunt too warned it could backfire. Theresa May displayed her characteristically statesman-like political acumen as she came out in favour of the bill. A fair number of Tory wets were left high and dry, as they piled on to criticise the government’s decision to block the move. Whilst the Tory Reform Group called UK Government intervention a “deeply concerning development” which “played into the hands of those who seek to break our Union”. A reminder – “Yes” is now 12% behind in the polls.

    The British establishment agrees with Nicola Sturgeon, it’s a minor miracle Scottish Secretary Alistair Jack was able to get his way on S.35.

  7. It’s a pity there are no more fish-surnames in the SNP, after Salmon & Sturgeon.

    But there’s a suitable replacement for Wee Nippie in Kirsty Blackman (a white woman!), to keep this joke of a party going.

  8. “Now all they need to do is elect Humza Yousaf as leader and the SNP is finished”.

    Couldn’t agree more. It would be the SNP’s “Jeremy Corbyn” moment.

    We can only hope and pray.

  9. Jimmers

    it’s rumoured that the Sturgeon is partial to the taste of fish, or poisson. Specifically a French woman who lives (I seem to remember, again from rumour) somewhere near Perth or Stirling.

    To be clear – as this is the SNP we’re considering – an intact biological assigned female at birth woman, whose genuine and intact lady bits therefore exude that particular flavour.

  10. Well Ted. It’s certainly entertaining that he’s decided to revive the old flying saucer scare. I understand they were mainly weather balloons the last time as well.

  11. Nicola Sturgeon says Scottish people who disagree with her are racists, bigots and transphobes. Humza Yousaf told the Scottish Parliament there are too many whites running things in Scotland (none of the other MSP’s disagreed).

    But don’t worry: if you don’t like the sound of this, they have plenty of other off-putting weirdos, oddballs, liars, sex perverts, racists and fraudsters Scots can vote for.

  12. Re Minimum Nicola’s _real_ partner.
    There was talk (subject to a D-notice obviously…) that she has a house in Spain with the wife of a senior French official (either the Ambassador or the Consul-General).

    But agree with the gist in terms of her preference for comfortable shoes

  13. @jimmers

    Full details on Wings over Scotland but it would appear that there is a lovenest (at public expense ‘natch) where high level diplomacy is conducted between the Scottish leaderene and the French consul general

    Obviously this cannot be revealed in the media (the 4th estate has failed miserably in this area as in all reportage on the VietJock) as it is apparently too much for the Scottish electorate (although it coped with Ruth Davidson without any issues)

    Her other, ‘official’ partner may be detained for McPlod tea and biscuits for an extended period

  14. People are observed to be male or female at birth, not assigned. There’s no sorting hat. Congratulations Mrs MacDuff, it’s… (rummage rummage) a zebra!

  15. Steve: Hilarious when 96% of the Scottish population are white, exactly how many white-people-running-things does he expect? There “should” be 124 white people in Holyrood and 9.6 white people in the cabinet.

  16. Steve @ 1.13 – “But don’t worry: if you don’t like the sound of this, they have plenty of other off-putting weirdos, oddballs, liars, sex perverts, racists and fraudsters Scots can vote for”.

    You fogot alcoholics…….

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