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Potato to be culturally fried

After Dahl, will they come for the Fat Controller?

We can only hope so, we can only hope so.

9 thoughts on “Potato to be culturally fried”

  1. So you feel he’s even worse than the Bankman Tim?

    Though I do have to admit that they’re both into counterfeiting.

  2. I’m not a fan of the Thomas the Tank Engine books; but their one redeeming feature is that the engines bully each other mercilessly. Take that away and there’d be no story.

  3. Thought they already had done.

    In the Thomas stories I read to my hatchlings, he’s always called Sir Topham Hatt…

  4. In one story, the FC bricks a naughty train up in a tunnel until he mends his ways. Plus most of the engines run on coal 🙂

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