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Proof that age is relative then

The Duke was 16 at the time and Ms Walpole was 18, turning 19 the following day.

He described her in the book as an “older woman”, sparking a global guessing game about her identity.

7 thoughts on “Proof that age is relative then”

  1. I was going to say perhaps it was a bit of misdirection in a gentlemanly attempt to protect her identity, but then of course a gentleman wouldn’t have mentioned her in the first place……

  2. I really hope that she writes her own account of the fumblings, ideally with refs to his tiny ginger c0ck.

  3. I believe it is still considered bad form for women to “kiss and tell”. Therefore the young lady is to be thoroughly commended for keeping schtum and not cashing in on her brief encounter. We can also give her a pass on taste in men as no-one could possibly have imagined how he’d turn out.

    A shame that young Hewitt does not possess the same class.

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