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Read from the bottom up

So that’s a question with an answer then

3 thoughts on “Read from the bottom up”

  1. O/T but a word for our host. I don’t who’s providing the advertising on the RH side, but yet again clicking on one has aroused the severe disapproval of my virus checker. “Infected with URL Blacklist” it announced in blocking the page load. I’m getting advertising targeted at an ES address, of course.

  2. I was tempted the other day to chuck some money at Rolls Royce shares after their good news regarding Air India, but all the woke goodness on their website put me off.

    Naturally they went up 25% the day after.

    BiS, no issues with ads here, but then again I haven’t seen one in years – I have a pi-hole. (and no, it isn’t rude)

  3. People got way too excited about the news that Vue had lined up financing. So I dumped all my cine for a small profit.

    There’s a lot of potential there. They’re good at what they do, if they can sort of the pile of debt. But I’m not touching them for 6 months.

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