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Seems a fairly limited job opportunity

I Am A Black Death Doula. Here’s How I Help People Process Grief.

Sure, plague does still exist and especially in the US but still……

9 thoughts on “Seems a fairly limited job opportunity”

  1. On a recent flight from South Africa to Morocco, I sat next to a man who asked what made Black grief so different from the grief he, a white man, will experience when a loved one dies. I told him Black grief is different because it tends to be more communal. It’s also altogether too frequent and, many times, too soon. And though grief is as natural as necessary, Black people are never given enough time to grieve one person or thing entirely before it’s time to grieve another.

    It must be great having zero self awareness.

  2. In Life of Brian mode:

    Well, obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any fatality due to Y. Pestis, not just the bubonic form.

  3. Sounds like she’ll be an expert witness in Benjamin Crump’s latest and greatest grift – compo for Malcolm X’s distant relatives.

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