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Slightly odd

Watched France Ireland yesterday. And it just seemed like there were no fast blokes on the pitch.

Which is weird, because there most certainly were. Possibly my perception is shot. But more likely, there was no one particularly faster than their oppo. So speed mismatches weren’t there – which becomes the impression that there were no fast blokes.

Still, a slightly odd impression to come away with from that match – no fast blokes?

10 thoughts on “Slightly odd”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    That and defences are so good now the speedsters get shut down before they get going.

    Its also a bit like saying there were no big blokes on the pitch. You don’t realise how big these guys are until you see them amongst us mere mortals.

  2. As BinND says. All I ever had going for me was speed over 60yds – and I was fast. Unfortunately my 8.5 stones kept coming into contact with large brick walls.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its also more to do with acceleration form a standing start or steady run rather than top speed, as that’s what tends to beat most defenders.

  4. French 11 & 14 are fast, but only got one chance. Ntamack a bit off his corn I thought, but still a great match.
    Italy 11, 14 & 15 all fast. Will they get the ball?

  5. Couple of weird decisions I thought – what say you?

    #1 Antonio – should he have been red carded? I’d say yes he should’ve gone.
    #2 The ‘try’ – was it? Nope.

    Plus the Irish are like the great John Jeffries of Scotland – always bloody offside.

    But yes, great game.

    PS – England will get smashed by both of them.

  6. Did his foot touch the ground in touch? I couldn’t be sure either way from the replays but the touch judge had a good angle and the foot left no mark on the grass.

    The part of the ball that first made contact with the ground was undoubtedly in play.

    So it was right to allow it as a try.

  7. When the ref is having to look at it frame by frame you have to wonder if technology has gone too far and they should just trust their own judgment a bit more
    As for big guys the Irish had Craig Casey who’s 5 foot 5 according to the office stats and he looked very small out there

  8. I was parallel with the touchline , 3 rows deep on the Eng v Ita match today. I was v surprised how small the italians were, but you can see that when they’re running it , they’re pretty good. The problem is in defence. 6’2″ Full back vs 5’8″ full back should have meant high bombs all day, but only can remember a couple. Need to watch it again with commentary i suppose.

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