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A charity which cancelled its own “racist, sexist and ableist” exhibition has announced a new £211,000-a-year diversity role.

The Wellcome Trust, a London-based health research foundation, is recruiting for the newly-created position of Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer to “strengthen the shared vision, mission and strategy for systemic and lasting change internally”.

The successful candidate will get an annual salary of £211,500 as, fellow senior employees claimed, it is important to pay them not only “what they are worth” but also “on a par with” other director roles.

A certain circularity to the argument there, isn’t there? If they’re a director they must be paid like a director, whatever the job is worth. But because the job is of a director, then it’s worth what a director’s job is worth.

Compare that to an actual business, where the HR power skirts get paid very much less than those – male or female – who actually do something useful. And don’t the campaigners bitch about that too.

8 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. I was bitching and whining about this sort of thing to a bloke in the local library. He claimed that it’s generally accepted that about 85% of an Aussie charity’s cash flow goes on salaries.

    We both agreed that the foreigners are undoubtedly worse!!

  2. HR in a top merchant bank is still prolly 150k plus role just not comparable to the fee earners. Know a v lucky hubby whose music career was supported for a long time (he didn’t quite make it) by HR wifey. Of course when he gave it up full time, he also started coining it.

  3. I’d be somewhat surprised if the director of medical research at the Wellcome Institute was on as little as 211 grand.

  4. In other news, a NHS trust is advertising for a Chief People and Culture Officer (salary “competitive”).
    It seems the Diversity Inclusion and Equity thing has developed a bit of a smell.

  5. Notice they’re going in for the Septic formulation of ‘Equity’ rather than ‘Equality’ too. Did wonder how long it would be before that started sneaking in over here…

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