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11 thoughts on “Thassa me”

  1. Eh Tim, I have a radical notion for you – have a word with your IT bloke and have install an edit function. Apparently all the best bolgs have one…….

  2. Off topic but reminds me of a cartoon I saw ages ago of someone trying to break into a post box which was captioned “the correspondence chess player realises he miscalculated”.

    For those who have grown up with the internet, correspondence chess won’t make any sense but pre-internet people really did play chess by post. You’d write your move (“1 pawn – K4”), post it off to your opponent and wait for his reply. Whilst games might take months, it did mean you could play multiple opponents at the same time so tournaments did take place.

    And an amusing story (only if your a chess player) is the correspondence player who replied to (1 P-Q4) with (1……P-KN3, 2 Any…..B-N2) basically trying to save time as he committed to play B-N2 to any of white’s follow-ups to 1 P-Q4. Fine if white played any of the usual moves but as white knew that black’s second move was B-N2, he posted back (2 B-R6…..3 BxB…Any 4 BxR). Not that white got to play his 3rd or 4th move as black resigned on move 2.

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Andrew, pardon my ignorance, but if one is playing several opponents, does one need a board for each game?

  4. @TOBiI

    A reasonable question, the answer is no. As you’d have a written record of all the moves in each game, when your opponent’s move arrived in the post, you’d simply replay the moves on your board up to that point to arrive at the position.

    Somewhat laborious but as you usually had at least a week to get your reply back in the post not too onerous.

  5. Why just yesterday there was a post at the ASI blog with “particualr” as the second word. If only there was some kind of a software tool that would check spelling, highlighting bloopers with a wavy red underline perhaps…

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