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The things you learn in obituaries

The Raquel Welch fur bikini etc.

That was after she’d had two children. Impressive, no?

15 thoughts on “The things you learn in obituaries”

  1. Raquel Welch was one of those women who could’ve inspired even the Greeks to do glorious battle for her dainty hand.

    And Greeks usually weren’t that fussed about women.

  2. Maybe I’m too old, but I think images of Raquel in the Radio Times, along with lingerie models in Littlewoods catalogues, are healthier for teenage boys than the explicit stuff available now

  3. Maybe I’m too old

    Well, yes and no. I got a very bizarre idea of birth from misunderstanding (the difference between in and between) an explanation by the (celibate) school chaplain as an 11-yr old. Me 11, not the chaplain.

  4. Speaking of Greeks, Steve, Helen of Troy would have been over sixty by the time the wooden horse got built. And Penelope would have been even older by the time Odysseus got home to kill all her suitors.
    A weird lot, them ancient Greeks.

  5. Dennis, Cishet and Whatnot

    I was 10 when I went to see 1 Million Years BC. Basically the theater was filled with males, none of whom was older than 13. The movie was shit, but none of us cared a lick. I didn’t fully understand what I was experiencing, but what I did know was that it was wonderful.

    Raquel Welch as Loana and Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Feminine beauty doesn’t get any better than that.

  6. Fantastic Voyage for me.
    RW’s boiler suit and frogman outfit were the only ones in the film that fitted.

    She also filled a Chelsea kit well.

    RIP Raquel. In the last couple of months I’ve lost Lollobrigida, Sylvia Syms and now you.

  7. Sylvia’s daughter Beatie Edney was also a stunner when in her 20s and 30s, doing a bit of TV.

    Sadly, tempus fugited and she has turned into an older Sylvia Sims as she’s got older.

    Who’d’a thought, eh?

  8. So, who of today’s crop of actresses has the ‘sex on legs’ attributes of these fine ladies? I’m kinda partial to Florence Pugh, but YMMV.

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