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This amuses immensely

Mexican Pharmacies Are Selling ‘Adderall’ That’s Actually Meth

Think through how screwed the legal drug production system has to be for a stronger and illegal alternative to be cheaper? For it must be cheaper, otherwise why would people be putting meth into Adderall bottles in the hope of profit?

5 thoughts on “This amuses immensely”

  1. Adderall is meth. And no, that extra wibble for “legality” doesn’t matter.
    Fentanyl is trickier, but in the end it’s still just heroin on steroids.

    If the pharmacists know what they’re doing, it’s easy to calculate equivalent doses and get the same effect for less active compound.
    Far less, so even if the meth and fentanyl are more expensive per gram/kilo/ounce/pound/adult badger, they will not be hurting.

    Assuming competent pharmacists, of course. Dunno how mexican pharmacists rate on the doyouknowhatyouredoing scale.

  2. So are you paying to adulterate the dose?

    Is it like paying more to keep lead out of gas?

    By the way how does our King Troll maintain that commodity producers don’t set price even as zerohedge today publishes an article saying the opposite?

    《Saudi oil giant Aramco lifted the price of its flagship Arab Light grade to Asia for March loadings by $0.20 per barrel to a premium of $2.00 a barrel over the Dubai/Oman average, despite the fact that oil prices have fallen so far this year.》

    What a burn, innit?

  3. If only you had the slightest clue about commodity markets. “Oil Prices” are those things which move up and down. The “premium” is the difference between different oil prices. So, the premium of Saudi over Dubai – hey, maybe it’s sweeter, costing less to refine, or lighter, producing more petrol and less asphalt, that sort of thing – can rise, as here. And yet the total price paid for that Saudi oil fall as oil prices fall generally.

    Think on it. If Saudi has real pricing power why doesn’t it say that the premium is $5? Or $20? Why does it even bother with setting a premium, why doesn’t it just set a hard price without reference to the other prices of other oils?

    Or, you know, you could try getting a clue.

  4. Actually it doesn’t surprise that illegal production without having to check the purity etc is cheaper than legal production.
    Sadly the purchasers don’t know what impurities etc there are.

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