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This is fun

Kate Forbes said women church ministers are “ignoring God’s plan”, it has emerged in the latest controversy to hit her SNP leadership campaign.

How many atheists and agnostics are going to weigh on on this then?

BTW, do the Wee Frees split the congregation like mosques? Or not?

16 thoughts on “This is fun”

  1. I agree whole heartedly and I am ( nominally at least ) an Anglican.

    Watch out for hidden camera videos of Ms Forbes dancing on the Sabbath

  2. There are the Wee Frees (Free Church of Scotland) and the Wee Wee Frees (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland), the latter being seriously hardline Calvinists who make the Wee Frees look positively exhibitionist. I have half an idea that some FPCoS congregations were segregated, hats compulsory for women and so on. No pictures in chapels, no prayer books, no music and don’t even think about happy clappy. Children’s play parks closed and padlocked on the Sabbath.

  3. Don’t believe so, but up in the Highlands nothing would surprise me. I’m with Ottokring, though: she’s not wrong.

  4. Oh, I remember the swings being chained up on Sunday, even in Glasgow.

    ‘Course the problem has been solved now by simply taking them away altogether.

  5. SNP leadership hustings.

    “Master Yousuf, what dost thou say upon this matter ?”

    “I saw Goody Forbes dancing upon the heath with the Devil !”

  6. Worked in the Highlands during my early years. An outsider, didn’t meet another Englishman for two years. The first thing I learnt was to avoid sectarian sympathies.

  7. Unless she will try to outlaw female priests, I can’t see the problem.

    She’s worshipping her Sky Fairy from a specific interpretation from a rather widely used “Holy Book”. An interpretation that differs compared to other traditions using the same book, but one that’s actually a majority view if you compare all the flavours.
    And that’s not even counting the still-surviving dinosaur that that book is based on, and the other way of SkyFairy Bothering derived from it that’s actually got more “adherents” worldwide.
    For them the idea of a female priest is not even an idea, it’s plain oldfashioned heresy.

    Do I agree with her? No.
    But that whole “Freedom of Religion” thing means there will be people who will do stuff one might find outright silly. Suck it up.
    In fact, as long as she does not try and force others to have that same opinion, attacking her over it in matters political is an offense in Uk law. Unconstitutional even, I believe.

    Swords cut both ways, and all that…

  8. So Humza can say he’s able to separate his religion from his politics but Forbes is being hounded over the issue. I don’t expect anyone to complain that it’s Christianity that’s being discriminated against in this day and age though you’d think some of the feminists might be complaining about the female candidate being badgered while the male candidate gets a free ride, rampant institutional misogyny etc

  9. That article says that she wrote a letter in which she quoted 1 Timothy 2:12 to support her position. That says “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”. So since she is standing for leadership of the SNP, can we conclude that the SNP has no men in its membership and has no ambitions to rule any part of Scotland that contains men?

  10. I think the Frees and the Wee Wees are Calvinist, where they believe that God’s Plan is pre-determined, and nothing Man does can change that. Which rather leads you to the conclusion that you may as well have a good drink and beat up your neighbours, if you’re predetermined to enter Heaven it won’t change it; and if you aren’t, nothing you do will get you an entry pass.

  11. My late missus was brought up Calvinist ( Swiss Reformed). As an angst ridden teenager, she went to her pastor and asked him whether this predetermination business worried him

    “Es ist mir wuerscht, nichts viel dass ich druber tun kann.”

    “Couldnt give a monkeys, not much I can do about it.”

    When she moved to Vienna she became an Anglican – she liked the theological flexibility and the music was nicer. She also did not approve of women priests, but I think that might have had more to do with their universally terrible hairdos. ( Ask Sam Vara on this matter ). Although I did meet her new pastor, who was a lady, she was very attractive and had nice hair.

  12. @ Charles
    The quote does not say that she opposes women as government ministers, just as ministers of the kirk.
    Mind you, I have long had doubts about the authenticity of the so-called “pastoral letters” to Timothy and Titus as they are discordant with the clear approval by Paul of the “church in the house of Lydia”

  13. “ So since she is standing for leadership of the SNP, can we conclude that the SNP has no men in its membership”
    Rather depends on your definition of man

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