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We can describe this another way

Despite repeated promises made by government, there has been no new legislation to crack down on the growing use of Slapps and no timetable either. The Economic Crime Bill is our opportunity to change this. This week the House of Lords will scrutinise the bill and later will consider much-needed improvements. These could include empowering courts to dismiss cases which are found to obstruct the publication of information that is relevant to exposing economic crime.

If you libel a rich person about money then fuck ’em, why should they have the protection of the law, bastards.

Seems less supportable when properly defined, doesn’t it?

8 thoughts on “We can describe this another way”

  1. So you should be free to express what you wish. But if the other turds open their mouths they should be punished.

  2. So a very recent ex-member of the government can send (very expensive) lawyer letters to publications that wanted to print details of tax dodging, just before said politician pays fine for tax dodging. Or head of Russian mercenary group suing in British courts anybody worldwide who dares say they are head of Russian mercenary group. London courts are used by all sorts of less than savoury peeps globally because of our libel laws.

    The legal proicess is used as punishment for activities that I for one don’t want to see limited.

  3. Am I reading correctly that this is an article by Margaret f&£(ing Hodge (or co – authored by)? The child in care’s ‘best friend’ from the 80s? I thought Murphy was shameless- Wow!

  4. Improving English libel law would be pretty easy. The Bill could consist of “England and Wales hereby adopt the defamation law of Scotland.” I suppose you might need a follow-up clause or two about use of Scottish precedents.

  5. “If you libel a rich person about money then fuck ’em, why should they have the protection of the law, bastards”

    Try an alternative version – If you want to tell the world that a rich, happily married footballer is playing jack the lad then fuck ’em, why shouldn’t a rich guy be able to live as he chooses with the protection of the law, bastards

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