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Well, yes

Academic studies and a 2018 Washington Post project show that arrests for these crimes are the least likely to happen in the pockets of US cities – such as Oakland, Baltimore and Indianapolis – where Black residents are most often killed.

Homicides of young Black and Latino men are the most likely to be left unsolved, said David Bjerk, the Russell Bock professor of Public Economics at Claremont McKenna College in California, while “other demographics have not seen the same or as notable declines”.

The American homicide rate is concentrated in those groups too. The white homicide rate – despite all those guns – is 2.2 per 100,000 (all Canada is 1.8). The black one 15.5 per 100,000 (Congo is 20). And yes, more than 90% of black homicides are – where the perpetrator is known of course – not by whites.

Maybe not policing the ghettos is not the right answer?

9 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. What makes the United States odd isn’t their black crime stats, which are about the same as any other country with a substantial African population.

    It’s the extreme racial self abasement American whites seem to enjoy. They’re stuck in a BDSM relationship with people who hate them on a biological level.

    Septics can’t do enough for their Schwartzers, they spend trillions on giving them welfare, special treatment over more qualified whites, cleaning up after their riots and murders, and pretending their racial heroes weren’t horrible frauds.

    In return, the palefaces get regular threats of more violence and perpetual demands for Mo Money Fo Dem Programs.

    They are The Bruthas’ Keepers, and it’s perverted and weird.

  2. Talking of BLM, I found it hilarious that the leaders of the movement emulated the stereotypes among us National Front types, by spending the millions of dollars they raised for B people on luxury mansions.

  3. Snitches get stitches isn’t a joke.

    It has now spread to this country where witnesses to shootings quickly develop collective amnesia.

  4. They’re stuck in a BDSM relationship with people who hate them on a biological level.

    Only about half (47%) hate whites on a biological level*.

    *A recent poll showed 53% of blacks said it was “ok” to be white.

    **I don’t believe either, btw.

  5. John is right.

    Watch any true crime documentary or interrogation footage from the U.S. People in these high-crime areas, especially the younger residents, never snitch. Even if it’s a case of child murder.

    Sometimes it’s because a local gang has issued threats, but most of the time it’s because these kids are raised on anti-cop and antisocial values.

    99% of the time that you see a perp running from officers, after they get caught again, they’ll say they ran because they’re “afraid” of the police. That’s something they were taught from birth. Of course, five seconds later we find out their fingerprints are on the murder weapon. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that criminals are experts when it comes to lying and manipulation.

  6. Meanwhile, El Salvador has cut its murder rate by 97%.

    2015 – 103 murders / 100,000 inhabitants
    2022 – 7.8 murders / 100,000 inhabitants
    2023* – 2.6 murders / 100,000 inhabitants

    * – data up to Feb 19

    How have they done this? Rounding up all the criminal gangs and shoving them in prison.
    If the government wants to make the streets safer, they can and could. Therefore the government wants the criminals and bad ‘uns to be among us. Probably to keep us afraid and in line, begging for more “Security” and laws.

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