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Well, yes, Ezra Klein is a cretin

But Olson’s biggest miss, in my view, is his assumption that groups organize around redistribution. Olson almost completely missed the post-materialist turn in the politics of affluent countries. Some groups organize to get more of the pie, but many others organize to protect the environment, or to increase safety standards, or to preserve the feel of their communities, or to express their values. And much of this is good. It’s a gift of affluence, not a disease of affluence.

Directing parts of the pie to what you consider important is redistributing the pie or not?


Yep, a cretin:

How do we get construction productivity rising again? I have no idea. Construction should become safer, more respectful of community concerns, and more environmentally sustainable as countries become richer and less desperate for growth.

Everything that he’s just said reduces productivity should continue but productivity must improve.

3 thoughts on “Well, yes, Ezra Klein is a cretin”

  1. “or to preserve the feel of their communities,”

    Except when that community is traditionally “caucasian-christian european”, then it should be burned to the ground, after that community having paid reparations for “crimes” up unto the sevent generation past an future to all and sundry having a Wibble, real or imagined.

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