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Wise words

You cannot create change by keeping the system that delivered failure in place.

So that fucks over socialism and the monetisation of fiscal policy then, dunnit?

6 thoughts on “Wise words”

  1. Control will be outsourced to neoliberals at the Office for Budget Responsibility.

    When it should be being outsourced to semi- retired ‘accountants’ or pseudo-academics in the Fens.

    That is what austerity, financialised capitalism, a dedication to neoliberal economic structures and a refusal to tax the wealthy in pursuit of beating inequality does for a country.

    I have to say that the tax burden is at the highest since the 1940s and public expenditure is at an all time record – so my question is ‘what refusal to tax the wealthy?; and ‘What austerity?’

    You cannot create change by keeping the system that delivered failure in place. Until Labout realises that it has no chance of delivering what this country wants. Instead, it is completely dedicated to the economic status quo.

    This country wanted Brexit and apparently is rebelling against the notion that a man can declare himself a woman – apparently that’s different.

    We are in big trouble

    Well at least I agree with him on something

  2. Socialism is like beating your head against the wall, the best thing about it is when it stops. For confirmation, ask a Czech or a Pole or …

  3. V-P: I foolishly wasted a few minutes looking at Spud’s ‘glossary’ and the first entry is for an Accountant:

    “A person, usually but not always qualified by examination…” Ha ha ha, he’s included himself, but left out ‘personal’ before ‘examination’!

    There’s no entry for ‘Chartered Accountant’, probably because he doesn’t know they exist.

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