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I also think she is wholly unsuited to lead the SNP. I would even question whether she is suited fir the office she now holds. Prejudice cannot be compatible with high office, in my opinion.

So everyone who is prejudiced against discounting, or capitalists, or the bourgeoisie, or profits, or foreigners or——-all banned from high office then, eh?

39 thoughts on “Wondrous!”

  1. It’s one of those irregular verbs Bernard…
    I have an opinion.
    You are prejudiced.
    He is sentenced to 10 years for hate-crime.

  2. There is NO PLACE in Scotland for… people who belong to the Free Church of Scotland.

    The longest relationship in my life is with a gay man. He is my twin brother: my womb mate as I like to call him.

    Lol, gay.

  3. I’m conflicted. I really hope Abu Humza wins the Scotch Natzi leadership, but that would mean no independence from Jockland for decades (and probably reversion back to guaranteed labour majorities).

  4. It’s been a goodish while since the rasp of tuberous tongue could be traced o’er the dainty McButtock.

  5. BiW – I do think electing a leader who despises Scots on a biological level might cause a teeny tiny wee problem for the SNP next time they encounter the electorate.

    But the Scottish Labour party is led by Anas Sarwar.

  6. I wonder what the SNP’s health secretary thinks about middle aged men marrying 9 year olds.
    Why has no one asked him?

  7. Coward

    Well, exactly.

    It is amazing how the media, with the first whiff of possible sympathy for the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, will issue a never ending series of Gotcha attempts about various flavours of sex, abortion and euthanasia. All implying that adhering to anything but the David Cameron version of Christianity (the Chilterns Radio analogy), is a bar to political office.

    Sympathy for Mohammed of Mecca, on the other hand…..Crickets.

  8. I’m still hopeful that they’ll pick the SNP’s Kirsty Blackman – what could be the better to confuse the ‘woke’ than a white woman named Blackman?

  9. I think Recusant nailed it

    The post from Spud is arguably saying that anyone who holds staunch Christian beliefs can’t hold high office. I’d be very interested if an East German or other such commentator could come in on TRUK and ask the question whether that would extend to ‘Religion of Peace’ adherents?

  10. The comment under the sobriquet ‘Ali Hassan al- Majid’ didn’t get through moderation so clearly he’s alive to the Islamophobic angle…

  11. VP – The post from Spud is arguably saying that anyone who holds staunch Christian beliefs can’t hold high office.

    Arguably? Christianity is already illegal in the United Kingdom. We abort hundreds of thousands of babies a year and you can very easily go to prison for reading the Bible out loud in public. We even have our own Chinese style regime churches, preaching a Bowdlerised parody of Christian faith.

    They hate Jesus Christ for the same reasons the Pharisees did. Because Christ is God incarnate, and they are servants of Satan. Progressivism is literally manifesting Hell on Earth.

  12. No doubt she is one of those who treats the edicts of the Elyian Oracle with the contempt they deserve.

    I do wonder… His Tuberousness regularly touts the Quaker horn. And last time I checked those peeps are even more strict in Nugganism than the Free Church of Scotland.. And the Infidel Ragheads Misguided Followers of a False Prophet are even further down the rungs of Tolerance..
    Pretty solid opinions on the Place of Woman in Society as well..

    Not that a blatant and oblivious display of hypocrisy is a stranger when dealing with the exhortations of the “Professor”. But this one is ..well.. pretty rich..

  13. Funnily enough I think that Kate Forbes would be popular with the general population (who as she points out are not on Twitter). I suspect that most of us would trust a practising Wee Free ahead of well just about anybody else.

  14. One new commentator on his ‘Toning down’ post was ‘Joe Burlington’- and he’s a potential rival for all the usual suspects in his insanity:

    Joe Burlington says:
    February 20 2023 at 11:18 am
    I commend your robustness, clarity of communication and astonishing dedication to the well-being of humanity. Thank you.

    In particular, you have kept ‘climate’ on your agenda for a decade or two.

    At the same time, the overwhelming majority of those with significant financial, communication or political power (FCPPs), think they know enough about the climate to ignore it.

    Other FCPPs just want to stop any action or information which challenges their fantasies of eternal growth.

    However, scientific predictions are – and will increasingly be – borne out by the droughts, hurricanes, floods and the devastation that FCPPs are inflicting on wildlife.

    As an illustration, white ice bounces some of the sun’s heat back into space. There is less than there used to be. Within two or three decades, the Arctic will be ice-free towards the end of summer. It will take longer to refreeze. Western Europe’s climate will change dramatically. Growing food will be a massive issue.

    We need to emit less carbon dioxide but “Air India’s record deal for 470 planes from Airbus and Boeing” … “is a game-changer with domestic carriers expected to place orders for 1,500-1,700 aircraft over the next two years.” “The country is building at least 80 new airports over the next five years”… 15 Feb 2023.

    According to the BBC World Service, Modi, Biden and Macron are all ecstatic about it. Apparently, they don’t understand climate imperatives. Neither the BBC broadcast, nor the on-line article, mentioned the word ‘climate’. Is that because of diktat from the chairman, management ignorance or journalistic blindness?

    Alarmingly, the 5-day-old deal hasn’t even featured in Guardian headlines.

  15. And yet more:

    have learned that I missed some context when, on another blog, I posted about Air India (which I wrote about above) with its order for 470 planes now, 1500 – 1700 over the next two years plus 80 new airports – and how pleased Modi, Biden and Macron are about it … when it’s climate change that bothers me.

    A responder pointed out that the US Federal Aviation Authority oversees 5,000 flights carrying 2.9 million passengers every *day*. Also, the USA has around 5,000 airports for the public and 15,000 *private* airports – 20,000 altogether.

    So, (1) are Californian politicians quite so gung-ho about the expansion of flying when recent “Downpours bumped California out of the most extreme categories of drought, but the storms also left behind a dangerous mess”? “The climate crisis turned up the dial. Spiking temperatures now pull more moisture out of plants, landscapes and the atmosphere, setting the stage for once-healthy ignitions to turn into infernos.”

    (2) “New Zealand Faces a Future of Flood and Fire. The country’s climate woes are just beginning and will likely include rising heat and drought, as well as stronger cyclones.” (17 February 2023)

    (3) Last August, “World has crossed climate tipping point,” says Pakistan Climate Change Minister
    United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, while referring to Pakistan’s catastrophic floods, said that “humanity has declared war on nature and nature is striking back.” (9 September 2022)

    The ‘Pakistan Climate Change’ minister has spoken- even more of an authority than Murphy…

  16. VP: Of course anyone who holds to orthodox Christianity is viewed as unsuitable for high office. It’s been that way for a while, and I’m surprised Forbes has got as far as she has.

    Bloke in Scotland: She seems like a good egg to me, and I imagine most sensible folk would like her. But then I’m biased, as I’d agree with her on almost all moral and religious matters. I’d even consider independence if we were guaranteed to be led by people like her.

  17. “Prejudice cannot be compatible with high office, in my opinion.”

    “Tories, both voters and politicians, are fascists.”

    At least he’s implicitly acknowledged that vermine for him is permanently off the table.

  18. “Sympathy for Mohammed of Mecca”: or Mohammed of Petra if some revisionist historians are right. (Their case sounds plausible to me though I have never seen any of them identify an alternative location for Medina.)

    Anyway we were disappointed that a possible candidate for High Heid Yin decided not to stand because it deprived us of our chance to say “Kent your faither!”. I mean, we could still say it but what’s the point of saying it to a mere backbencher?

  19. Steve

    I’d imagine an Orthodox Christian would probably be alright to hold office in Russia – another reason perhaps not to offer unqualified support for the conflagration in the East.

    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. </I

    One of the bible passages I can almost quote verbatim. I don't think the last sentence describes Murphy as he's never learned a thing but otherwise spot on….

  20. His Tuberousness regularly touts the Quaker horn. And last time I checked those peeps are even more strict in Nugganism than the Free Church of Scotland.

    I think you’re confusing Quakers with Puritans. Or possibly Free Presbyterians.

  21. dearieme

    “Anyway we were disappointed that a possible candidate for High Heid Yin decided not to stand because it deprived us of our chance to say “Kent your faither!”. I mean, we could still say it but what’s the point of saying it to a mere backbencher?”

    If this candidate is Angus (with a silent G) Robertson, I admire your forbearance. I’d be tempted to deck the smarmy cvnt.

  22. jgh, from the distance I’m looking at it, it’s pretty much all the same.
    But a mr. Kellogg, and his actual rationale for his cereal diet comes to mind… Although to be fair he was more of an Ascetic than a Puritan.
    Still.. All varieties to be Pleasing unto Nuggan from my point of view.

  23. Snag

    So disparaging Pharisees is “Jew hate” now? Well that must put the Sadducees in their place. Sheesh….

  24. Recusant and Jonathan, you may be unaware that the Pharisees of the new testament are today’s Jews, but Steve sure as hell ain’t.

    Hence his “servants of Satan” comment is par for the course.

  25. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    ““Prejudice cannot be compatible with high office, in my opinion.”

    Given the SNPs entire existence is, like all nationalist parties, based on the promotion of prejudice, I’m not sure that’s a sustainable position for them. In fact, that nursery school bloke I’d a proper racist as well, they should choose him and be done with it.

  26. I would have thought that Quakers would, along with Christians, “deplore the sin but love the sinner”. Yet another instance of Spud’s extreme intolerance and bigotry

  27. VP – One of the weird things about living in Bizzaro-Clownworld-By-The-Sea is that Russia’s government is prompting the Russian Orthodox Church and normal family life while England’s government is busily indoctrinating its children into Marxism, animism and weird sex.

    We never saw that one coming in 1987, lefty geography teachers notwithstanding.

    Re: The Jews (dun, dun, DUNNNNNN!)

    Steve said: They hate Jesus Christ

    Snag said: Jew-hate

    One of these gentleblokes has made a shockingly anti-Semitic assumption. Try to guess which one.

    Diogenes – I would have thought that Quakers would, along with Christians, “deplore the sin but love the sinner”

    Enough of that namby pamby bollocks. The Scots used to be so hardcore, they had an entire rebel army fighting the government in the name of Jesus Christ.

    (Being Scots, they quickly fell into quarreling with each other, but anyway)

    Jonathan – I haven’t even said anything as spicy as what Jesus said. BTW I’ve got to wonder at people who think JC was some kind of politically correct hippie who went about hugging hoodies and endorsing wanky leftwing opinions about ‘tolerance’ and whatnot. Why do they think he was crucified?

  28. An Orthodox Christian might be electable in Russia, because it’s a government job. The believing clergy are the monks, not priests.

    An actual love-thy-neighbour Christian, no chance.

  29. @dio, Not really, but he, and most certainly his disciples were pretty firm about that third strike, and a certain…proactive nature to receiving such.

  30. So JC was lying when he said that stuff about turning the other cheek?

    Well, he did make a whip and drive the money lenders from the temple and those selling animals…

  31. Strange one. Her SNP colleagues surely knew her views and she has made no secret of them. Why smite her now? Oh…duh?

    We’ve got pretty infantile politics if people cannot believe one thing privately while accepting that the law of the land is otherwise. But hey, we have in fact got pretty infantile politics. And she is a bright soul, and probably a good soul, but apparently without guile.

  32. she is a bright soul, and probably a good soul, but apparently without guile

    It’s probably the last part which makes her unsuitable to lead such the Scottish Nasty Party.

    Personally, I’d like Humza Yousaf to win it, since he is such an obvious and odious bigot that the Scots might start voting for their current interests rather than for a dream of Independence that can never be (at least not with the current European political arrangement).

    The whole Independence within the EU thing, might just have worked while the UK was in the EU, but under the current arrangements it is a madness (as the whole NornIron situation patently illustrates).

    Better to have a working government in Scotland without the SNP tranny lunacy and forever banging on about a dream of Independence that can never be.

  33. The obvious reply to an interviewer who says: “You’re a Christian and believe homosexual acts to be a sin, so you must want to make them illegal”, is to say: “I’m a Christian and believe adultery to be a sin, but I don’t propose to make it illegal”.

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