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Yeah, yeah, yeah……

The Beano has been accused of being “incredibly irresponsible” for promoting junk food to children through online quizzes and portraying vegetables as “vile”.

Sod off. But this is more interesting:

Henry Dimbleby, lead author of England’s National Food Strategy – which called for a salt and sugar tax on processed food – said: “People at Beano might be thinking: ‘Oh, well, you know, it’s just a little bit of fun, that’s what the kids like.’

“But I just think it is all pervasive in society. This stuff invades every element of their lives.”

Yep, arsewipes like Dimbleby and their propaganda are all pervasive. Perhaps we should o something about that?

16 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, yeah……”

  1. Criticising such an august periodical as the Beano? When will it end?
    I wonder if Spud’s applied to write the Beano’s financial column? Rejected, no doubt.

  2. The more vegetables that are “defeated” in one turn, the louder the farting sound that is played.

    Well played the Beano.

  3. In this day and age of sexualising kids and the whole trans ideology I think we have more to worry about than the Beano and burgers.

  4. I must remember that Britain has a National Food Strategy next time someone starts bleating to me about neoliberalism and the The Thatcherite evil of Them Tories.

  5. Henry Dimbleby. Founded the Leon Restaurant chain. Leon is just a trumped up fast food outlet. or should I say street food? I think that is the “acceptable” term for touchy feely virtue signalling fast food joints.

    So if Dennis was eating a Leon Korean chicken wrap it would have been OK. A Big Mac or a Whopper?

  6. When I used to work on the Stock Exchange, we had a “box” in the building. A small office where dealers etc could communicate with other dealers & the office. There’d always be periodicals floating about. The dailies, the FT, Thunderer, Torygraph. Often the Sun. The odd golf magazine, whatever. Parade, Tit Bits. And the Beano. I reckon the Beano must have been the most popular & widely read. It was certainly the most asked for. One had this vision of the sturdy trader, leaning against a pillar on the market floor catching a moment’s break, apparently consulting the Pinkun’. Inside which was a copy of Playboy, concealing Parade, whilst he perused the latest on the Bash Street Kids at the innermost fold. It seemed indispensable to UK finance.

  7. Did you ever? He’s a member of the Dimblebore family of TV fame.

    Just the sort of rich, silver-spooned chap to preach to the rest of us. It’s reminiscent of the sort of fellas appointed as bishops in the Dark Ages.

  8. dearieme – yes, yes. There was a memorable edition of Question Time in Slough with Jacob Rees-Mogg on the panel. Mogg made reference in one of his replies to his having been to school nearby and David Dimbleby couldn’t resist chipping in with “at Eton” with a smirk. JRM shot back “yes, indeed, with your son”.

  9. Incidentally, I’ve only trying to show that the Beano doesn’t just promote junk food to children. We can all benefit from this seminal publication.

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