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A certain problem with this story

A Canadian teacher has reportedly been placed on leave after months of criticism from parents about her size-Z prosthetic breasts.

Kayla Lemieux, an industrial arts teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada, was reportedly photographed by a newspaper outside school, dressed as a man and without the prosthetics.

The teacher has maintained that it was not her in the photograph, and that the breasts are real.

Ms Lemieux has said she suffers from a rare condition called gigantomastia and that she was born “intersex,” rather than being transgender.

Now, me, I think this is an extensive piece of performance art. A satire, a spoof, pointing up the ludicrosity.

The Halton District School Board had previously backed the teacher.

In a statement in September, it said. “Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code.”


I don’t know this, obviously. And Ms. Lemieux can’t actually tell us so because that destroys the performance. Further, the more the furious denials the better the performance and the deeper the satire.

Bit of a bind really, isn’t it?

15 thoughts on “A certain problem with this story”

  1. Bit of a bind really, isn’t it?

    The obvious solution was always “piss off and be a weirdo somewhere where children are not”. Something any Western country circa 1990 would’ve done, and most non-Western countries would still do today.

    The bind is with idiot politicians who are terrified of men in dresses.

  2. Long claimed in 4chan that the teacher was getting stick from being rather based compared to the rest of the faculty and hence launched this as a big “Fuck You” to all involved.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Is “An industrial arts teacher” with gargantuan falsies a case of nominative determinism?

  4. It’s come to something when it’s only the metalwork teacher who’s prepared to make fun of all this stupidity.

  5. Come to think of it, maybe it’s logical. Perhaps he’s the only teacher in the school who could make a decent living outside “Education”.

  6. Hunker is right. The guy is showing up the woke by using their language but taking it the limit and forcing them to say he’s not trans. Which then pretty much destroys everything the woke stand for.

  7. SMBL – Which then pretty much destroys everything the woke stand for.

    What do you think they are, Oolon Colluphid? The Libs aren’t going to be reasoned with (they’re unreasonable) or shamed (they’re shameless).

    It doesn’t matter how absurd their ‘beliefs’ are, this isn’t a debate. They’re Buffalo Bill and we’re the poor fools in the pit, being threatened with the hose again.

    Step 1 – get sacked to own the Libs
    Step 2 – ???
    Step 3 – Profit!

  8. Can’t he just say that day he was identifying as male on the day the picture sans boobs was taken?

    There’s that bloke/whatever in the City who turns up for work in a frock some days and a suit others. No one is allowed to point out he’s a bloke on frock days I’m sure.

  9. That’s interesting (for a lowish level of interesting) PJF. Saw that Mail article couple of days back. It er…. caught my eye. But there now seems to be considerably more of it. At least twice the number of fotos of the new plastic rack, plus some related video. I s’pose that’s what the modern media do with an article gets attention. (Likely caught a few more eyes). They increase the length & pad it because that provides more advertising space on the page.

  10. Surely commenting that the person appears as they used to is some form of deadnaming/misgendering or whatever micro aggression they have made up this week.
    Also claiming that it’s your appearance that matters denies the inner you that has been trapped for so long!
    So questioning the person on these grounds Is transphobic

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