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A fun little bit of serendipity

Don Boudreaux:

(I was indeed serious. I went to college to chase women and drink beer. I was wholly unsuccessful in the former endeavor and far too successful in the latter…..)

Some portion of that beer was drunk in a bar I used to work in. No, we didn’t overlap, missed by a couple of years. But still, a nice little piece of serendipity there, no?

5 thoughts on “A fun little bit of serendipity”

  1. I spent a summer working as barman in a village pub/hotel.

    A quarter century later a woman came up to me at a party in Australia and said “Didn’t you use to be the barman at the @@@ Arms?”

    Given that in the interim all my puppy fat had vanished she did well to recognise me. Are women particularly good at that sort of thing?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I bumped in to a school friend from Pickering in the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo 10 years after leaving school. I was there as part of the British Army Training Team integrating the various factions and he was there with her boyfriend who was the deputy manager so we were well looked after.

  3. dearieme,

    Many moons ago my then 20-year old daughter was participating in a teachers strike march down the main street of Auckland. Out of nowhere another woman participant came up to her and said, “You must be Kerry Rodgers daughter”. It was an old girl friend from 25+ years previously, unseen since.

  4. So where is the state sponsored social life for all those souls who don’t go to university? Where’s their cheap beer and floozies on tap?

    To be frank I’m sick to death of all the money and resources that are thrown at the ‘uni class’ of people, mostly at the expense of the ‘non-uni class’ of people. Its high time the former started being taxed more heavily to the advantage of the latter.

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