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All Hail Diversity!

Budget 2023: will it lift Britain’s economic gloom? Our panel give their verdict
Polly Toynbee, Miatta Fahnbulleh, Katy Balls, Frances Ryan, Louisa Britain, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Doing excellently on the gender diversity there. They actually manage a bit of disability/ability diversity, some racial too. And manage absolutely no diversity in viewpoint at all. Which is the Trouble With Diversity after all.

12 thoughts on “All Hail Diversity!”

  1. Come off it Tim! It would take them an age to decide who held the lightbulb and who turned the ladder!

  2. Should I point out that this is the UK where standard light bulbs are bayonet fittings & not screwed?

  3. ‘ standard light bulbs are bayonet fittings & not screwed?’

    I hadn’t realised the UK was still such a paradise.

    Here in Oz we’ve all been screwed by that disgusting innovation..

  4. I would have thought that the performance of the Tories over the past five years would put paid to any and all claims about the virtues of ‘diversity’. During that time we have had: two female PMs and one Asian, one black and three Asian chancellors, three Asian home secretaries plus one Jewish, one female, one black foreign secretary.

    And it has been an utter shitshow.

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