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Also known as winning

A serial sperm donor who has fathered 550 children is being sued amid accusations his prolific donations increases the risk of accidental incest.

True, winning at evolution is perhaps better described as achieving grandchildren but he’s certainly increased the odds there, hasn’t he?

12 thoughts on “Also known as winning”

  1. greatly reduced i’d say given all the sueors will have to get DNA tested in order to file their suit.

    yes i realise probably made up a word. Sue me, you’ll be the sueor i’ll bee the sueee.

  2. “the room with the little plastic pot”

    I’ve done this, and I can tell you that the official name for that room is the masturbatorium.

  3. Unless the geographical area was very limited, and thinly populated…
    increased odds, yes. technically.
    Would it stand out above the noise? Or for that matter the chance that someone you like is, in fact, related to you several-times removed? Nope.

    Only a Lawyer could come up with something like this.

  4. Icelanders have an app that allows them to check the family tree to avoid this risk. But that’s after a thousand years of a limited gene pool. For this man’s offspring the risk is about equivalent to marrying your cousin, which isn’t illegal in most jurisdictions.
    So a fuss about nothing much, but money for the lawyers. I wonder if the father has recently won a lottery.

  5. My guess would be go after him as it’s easier and once the principle is established then go after the organisations involved that have the money to pay out

  6. Grikath – quite, though i did read of the phenomenon that those who first meet a full sibling of the opposite sex in adulthood are actually quite likely to be attracted to each other. And i suppose 23 and me meet ups happen more and more now which might well take the randomness out of it.

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