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Amazin’ what counts

Flatulent barrister denied chance to work from home wins £135k
CPS found guilty of disability discrimination in case of lawyer whose heart medication caused him to become gassy

Sure, there are disabilities and there are disabilities. But once you pass a law shouting that no one can discriminate on the basis of disability then you get flatulence (see, see, a pune, or a play upon words?) like this.

At which point, of course, change the law to include “reasonable efforts” to accommodate disability. At which point all the tossery goes away.

11 thoughts on “Amazin’ what counts”

  1. Asking him to stop farting was not only embarrassing, it violated his dignity, the prosecutor argued.

    It seems to me that it’s the continual farting that would be bad for the dignity, and that being asked to stop by someone sharing a small office is quite a reasonable request.

  2. The laws need to be clear. Reasonable efforts makes it woolly and we all have different opinions on what it reasonable. It’s OK for something like murder where a jury can make the call but in something like this it will always be by some limp wristed SJW so will get worse rather than better.

  3. You;re missing the point. Currently it’s “best efforts”. Reasonable and best have legal definitions, best is stronger than reasonable.

  4. There could be an excellent limerick written around this. I’m wondering if one could work the city of Cork into it.

  5. There was an old lawyer from Cork
    Who from each of his ends used to talk.
    To offer him bacon
    It turns out was mistaken:
    His wind needed pulses not Pork.

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