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Another of those sci fi short stories

Isat across from my dad having dinner this week. Thirty minutes after the sea bass with roasted cherry tomatoes arrived on the table, the bright red juices from the tomatoes seeping pleasingly into the creamy mash, most of mine remained on my plate. “That was perfectly cooked fish,” he noted. “Absolutely perfect.” I agreed before sadly shrugging: “But you know how it is now. No appetite.”

This has been the state of things since last summer, when I was put on new medication. I take one pill each morning and the drug has been immensely helpful to my health, but one of its side effects is I have no desire for food. I once took so much joy in eating, but it now feels like such a chore that I long for a future where I can just take a pill for all my nutritional needs.

Bloke is told he can be immortal if he only eats this one certain food. A mush of whatever in the story. He mulls over eating this forever and nothing else – goes for something to eat instead.

9 thoughts on “Another of those sci fi short stories”

  1. That dates back to at least the Greeks (IIRC this was Aesop). There was a fellow who became ‘immortal’ but not unaging, so he shrank and became wrinkled etc.

    I believe this was supposed to be the origin of the cricket. It was a morality tale on both getting what you wished for and also not to ask favours of the gods.

  2. many Ozempic users will find themselves in the same state as me: setting alarms to make sure they eat enough to stop them feeling faint
    Oh, fuck off. That doesn’t start to happen until you haven’t eaten for 10 days.
    Whatever she’s taking is resetting her system to what it should be. There’s almost nobody nowadays has ever been actually hungry in their entire lives. They don’t know what the sensation feels like. They are “hungry” because they haven”t rammed anything into the top end of their digestive system recently. Pure habit. If she actually need to eat, she wouldn’t need an alarm clock. And she’d anything.

  3. I believe this was supposed to be the origin of the cricket.

    You can certainly shrivel away to nothing waiting for fuck all to happen at some test matches.

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