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Apologies but

Kelly Beaver MBE, the chief executive of Ipsos, UK and Ireland, said: “Our ongoing research into gender equality shows

Tee hee

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  1. Tim

    If you happened to be living in our Stazi state, they’re coming for you, with a recommended spell in jail of up to 7 years. Note this bill does not apply to hate crimes by women against men.

    The Scottish government is to consider making misogyny a stand-alone hate crime.

    A working group set up to look into tackling violence and harassment against women has recommended the creation of a Misogyny and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act.

    It would include misogyny as an aggravation in crimes such as assault and threatening behaviour and create three new offences:

    • Stirring up hatred against women and girls
    • Public misogynistic harassment
    • Issuing threats of, or invoking, rape or sexual assault or disfigurement of women and girls online and offline

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