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Beating the meat

Meat may be to blame for one in 14 urinary tract infections

Are we sure that the scientists have actually understood the colloquialism? It’s not actually about insertion, in fact rather the opposite.

15 thoughts on “Beating the meat”

  1. These “studies” are funded in order to soften you up for meat to be gradually banned/made unaffordable like tobacco is.

  2. So: how many people eat their meat raw?
    No, it’s e.coli transferred onto other foods by unhugenic practices and then ingested. But they want to ban meat because *some* American practices are wasteful.
    That three-quarters of land used for agriculture across the world is only capable of supporting herds grazing and only one-quarter is arable so billions will starve if they ban meat is deemed irrelevant

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Vegetarians should simply lick the poo from their fingers rather than transfer it to their steak tartare.

    I hope someone is busy flossing the lions’ teeth.

  4. Perhaps we could substitute long pig? Clearly the anti-meatists would be only to happy to volunteer for the chopping block.

  5. Ah… the Graun has the link to the actual article.
    (Warning! Contains actual science and Jargon. May require advanced understanding of core concepts.)

    What the article is about is the development of a method to determine the likely source of particular E.Coli pathogen strains. From samples taken from a single city (Flagstaff) in 2012.
    Given that what they were trying to do is a case of “chase the donkey”, due to the nature of how E.Coli adapts internally and through plasmids (sorry.. seems Mobile Genetic Elements (MGE) is the Jargon nowadays. Same difference.), it’s surprising they actually got some decent results.
    Then again.. They did some massive sampling..

    What the article doesn’t say is anything that’s either in the Torygraph or the Graun, who fail to point out the main victims of those infections, especially the serious cases: Old people.
    Notoriously: Old people wearing diapers. Sorry, “Adult Incontinence Products”.

    The other diaper-wearing group that gets infected “regularly” is young kids, but the vector there isn’t food directly. It’s household pets. Notably dogs. Usually traceable to contaminated batches of wet food.

    It’s amazing what 15 mins of googling can show you in terms of “find the pattern”. If you know what to look for, of course.
    Which.. well… Can’t expect too much of Lib.Arts Grads, can you….

    So.. Bad Journalism, no doubt pushing a Narrative or Agenda, and some weekend reading for me.
    Because the scientific article itself has some nice tidbits in it by the looks of it.

  6. It’s drivel.

    Kidney infections are caused by bacteria travelling up the urinary tract from the exterior… into the urethra, into the bladder, along the ureters, into the kidneys.

    Bacteria from meat have to survive the gut and get into the bloodstream – and the body has this thing called the immune system to deal with that. It is why harmful bacteria on meat/foodstuffs cause such severe reactions in the gut in the attempt to get rid of them so they don’t get into the blood stream. There are even ‘good’ bacteria colonies in the gut to kill off the bad ones.

  7. @Grikath

    ‘ who fail to point out the main victims of those infections, especially the serious cases: Old people.
    Notoriously: Old people wearing diapers.’

    Yes because the bacteria in the fæces in the diaper are easily transferred into the urethra, particularly in women where the urethra is shorter and is very close to the anus, which is why woman suffer much more from cystitis UTIs than men.

  8. Thanks Grikath. You could make a blog out of deconstructing science “journalism”, just as our host has one for economics.

  9. Some % of UTI’s are also believed to be from ‘good’ bacteria escaping the gut, complex’s systems can have the occasional low consequence issue

  10. BniC, indeed.
    Because when it comes to our microflora/fauna the old Realtor Mantra “Location, Location, Location!” matters. A Lot.

    But this research focused on pathogenic strains with the telltale multiple resistances.
    Because, let’s face it, the US does shower its livestock with antibiotics in…unwise… ways. With predictable, and relatively easy to trace, results.

    @AndrewM, That sounds like …Work… *shudder*
    But seriously, there’s without a doubt already blogs Out There doing a much better job than I possibly could. Done by people with more credentials than I’ll ever have.
    Besides.. If you want to have any impact nowadays you need to be able to push things out on TikTok in 60 seconds, preferably by being purty and showing Cleavage.
    And I neither have the gear, nor the Cleavage to do that.
    I prefer to take the risk of Being Wrong About Stuff (happens regularly..) in the safe confines of the comment section here.

  11. Leaky Gut is very much a thing, leading to all sorts of infections, permanent inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

    The solution is to replace processed food with (mostly red) meat and fat. Quite the opposite of what The Guardian would have us believe.

  12. Ok.. I’m going to Nerd Out on this one , but bear with me…

    This article, and its data-set is actually extremely significant.

    No, not because of the conclusion, or what the Journalists made of it.
    If, after my first full read, the methodology is correct, and properly documented, this is one of the very few cases where “full sampling” is approximated.

    Yes, seriously.. No “statistical universe”, no “representative samples” followed by the Usual Tricks, not even Student’s t.
    Sampling to the point where you can simply divide A and B…

    That dataset is worth it’s weight in… what’s the current most insane weight/price ratio nowadays?

    Seriously, anyone doing work in statistics should hunt after the raw data for this one. Simply label Cause and Effect with any greek alphabet letter that tastes nice.
    This is rare

    I can see why it took them 10 bloody years to process it all.
    Which also gives us a rare ballpark number of the feasibility of stunts like this.
    Only the US Army has that much patience and funds…

    OK… /Nerd Out.

  13. ah… damn engerlish.. “divide A and B” should be “do division of A and B “to be pendantically correct.

  14. These “studies” are funded in order to soften you up for meat to be gradually banned/made unaffordable like tobacco is.

    The missus was doing some research into farm accounts from the 1920s, which include items such as:
    1,000 Rothmans = £2/15/6 (£2.76)
    I reckon that would buy you about 5 Rothmans, these days. Mind you, a pint of beer was probably about 3d.

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