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Democracy, eh?

A Labour MP has claimed the Government’s illegal immigration crack down is fuelling “xenophobia and racism”, but the party is yet to say whether it will vote against the Bill.

Khalid Mahmood, a former shadow minister, alleged that the measures were simply designed to retain Tory support in the Red Wall.

Lord Forbid that the people actually get what they want, are willing to vote for. That’s not the point of governance at all, is it?

Note what I’m saying here – not that immigration is good or bad, nor that cracking down on the illegal kind is good or bad. The complaint here is that someone is doing something in order to gain votes. Which is also the same thing as saying that they’re proposing to do what the voters – in some quantity – desire. Which is, in the argument being used here, bad. To do something because the voters want it is bad.

The claim really is “democracy bad”.

8 thoughts on “Democracy, eh?”

  1. I don’t think there’s anyone woke or progressive who wouldn’t deem democracy just appalling Tim.

    They all feel that more and more laws are absolutely vital to keep the plebs in their place. That’s why they are always pushing for organisations and rules that will not allow the sordid and corrupting influence of politics to sully their ideological purity.

  2. I’m probably a far right-wing evil brownshirt, but I can’t help get the feeling the unfettered immigration ( legal or not) of people of a vastly different culture with no discernible benefit to the existing population would be the exact thing that engenders Racism and Xenophobia.

    I dare even state that anyone setting out to stop this influx of useless strangers will get a decent slice of the voter pie.
    Doubly so if they ever manage to deliver on said promise.

    Silly me…

  3. You may be right Grikath. Although I note that ban-the-boats Tony Abbott lost his blue ribbon Liberal seat in the 2019 election.

    This was generally believed to be because of the large number of Chinese in his electorate. Replacement theory anyone?

  4. Ah, but this isn’t democracy, this is populism. Because it’s only democracy if it’s a policy the left support.

  5. I’m sure we all agree that Pakistani Muslims like Khalid Mahmood genuinely have the best interests of the British people at heart, and it’s not just that he wants more of his Pakistani relatives to be able to come here…

  6. Hence the desire to rejoin the EU. Which all politicians see as a golden goose which will lay on command for ever and ever as long as you keep plugging it.
    Hunt the C and Fishi Rishi are well on the way and Sir Kneel is egging them on. Sir Ed (whatever you want till I have to deliver it) is yapping in the background anxious not to be left out.
    And Grikath, I see the illegals as mere amateurs compared to the seasoned pros of BLM, who did the thing all we far right facists are supposed to believe they do, take all the money they duped out of the suckers and buy LA mansions. For their fellow Duskies ofc!

  7. If these measures are designed to protect our borders in theory, but to fail in practice, then Mahmood is right.

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