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Don’t forget the definition!

Replace the current honours system with a new one for civil society and sports

Do not forget that the Tater, as part of all that is good and holy, is civil society. Tim Worstall, the Adam Smith Institute, the IFS, IEA, Ukip, Conservatives, 90% of the Labour Party and all that, being neoliberals are not part of civil society.

That’s Sir Duke Lord High Tax Denouncer Tater, VC and bar, OM, CH, KG and GCMG to you, peasant.

9 thoughts on “Don’t forget the definition!”

  1. The current honours system *does* honour civil society and sports. How else do lollypop ladies and footballers get honours?

  2. Bloke In Scotland

    All must have prizes. As someone else has said else-where, just waiting on the awards themselves getting awards.

  3. Dennis, Gold Medalist In Unnecessary Snark

    Ah, Richard Murphy… Pursuing his dream of a gong with all the dignity of a rat in heat.

  4. I imagine Spud daydreaming and doodling, “Professor Sir Richard, or is it Sir Professor Richard?”, endlessly on scraps of paper already covered with error-laden tax ‘advice’ for his clueless acolytes.

  5. RM “I haven’t been enobled under the current system so the system must be changed”.

    Seeing that BoJo’s dad may be given a gong by BoJo simply for being BoJo’s dad (or was it for having done a stint on ‘Celeb get me out of here’?) he may have a point.

  6. I sneeze in threes

    If only spud had been working for the NHS during Covid, he could incorrectly claim to have been given a George Cross.

  7. The honours system already draws its net pretty widely. A couple of years ago some cove got a gong “for services to trampolining in north east Scotland”.

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