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Prince Andrew has been left “bewildered” that he has not yet received any inheritance from Queen Elizabeth II, royal sources have claimed.

After the Queen’s death last September, her £650 million Duchy of Lancaster estate was automatically left to King Charles.

However, Prince Andrew, 63, is said to have told friends he feels “despair” that the King has not shared any of his new wealth among his siblings.

But the Duchy of L ain’t his money. It’s the King’s money. There’s also the point that the Duchy of Cornwall – which has now gone to Willy – is larger, so that Charles is poorer as a result of the swap.

But the real point is that this isn’t from Lizzie W to Charles W, this is from Queen to King.

8 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Another ‘Waaaaah!’. Andrew should have to go live in a mid-terrace in Blackburn to learn a little humility.

  2. What’s he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head?

    That is the obvious solution when you don’t have a job and your older brother is the king, no?

    Otoh I’m not sure having one’s servants squeeze one’s toothpaste, well into one’s forties, has helped our royals develop problem solving skills.

  3. So he’s getting a taste of what “King’s Favour” really means.
    And that his brother is less inclined to indulge in financing his hobbies than his mum.

    Andy should have paid more attention to what lies in the Royal Library ( or any other national library.)…
    Centuries of entreatments from Family to (new) monarchs about An Inconvenient Bill, and could (s)he please.. And the success rate of that.
    And that’s just Royalty/High Nobility. The rabbit hole goes all the way down here, so it’s not as if there isn’t enough historical precedence.

  4. Charles is apparently refusing to fork out 32 grand for Andy’s guru, so it seems he’s pretty much on top of the problem.

  5. “After the Queen’s death last September, her £650 million Duchy of Lancaster estate was automatically left to King Charles.” If it was automatic then clearly it wasn’t hers in the first place. If it had been hers she could have left it to a donkey sanctuary. (Yes, yes, a joke of sorts.)

    Since her private wealth was free from Inheritance Tax if left monarch-to-monarch (so the papers tell me) then of course she left everything to Charles. But she could, had she wished, have spent decades handing capital to her other children or her grandchildren, using the untaxed-if-you-survive-seven-years provision.
    Or she could have made regular gifts out of surplus income. Maybe she did both those things but nobody to know.

    Perhaps she wasn’t confident of having a regular stream of surplus income. Maybe she didn’t want to contemplate death. Perhaps she gifted to Edward and Anne but not Andrew i.e. perhaps she was shrewd.

  6. Upon hearing that Airmiles is on his “uppers” I think most of us, of a certain age, are reminded of the Welsh Sgt Major….
    Oh dear
    How sad
    Never mind….

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