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Forbes not getting with the program here

Six people, including three children were killed at a Nashville elementary school Monday when a 28-year-old alleged shooter opened fire at the private Christian school, marking a stark contrast to almost all mass shootings in recent years—this time, the alleged assailant was a woman.

The 28-year-old alleged shooter also died after a confrontation with police at the Covenant School in Nashville, Don Aaron, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, told reporters Monday.

Before Monday’s shooting, there had only been four women assailants in 172 mass shootings in the U.S., as documented by The Violence Project since 1966, which documents shootings involving at least four fatalities, not including the shooter.


Hale had reportedly begun using male pronouns, including on Linkedin.

16 thoughts on “Forbes not getting with the program here”

  1. The Daily Mail also. In fact, by calling the shooter transgender and using she/her I had concluded it was a biological male evil cunt murdering little children.

    Is there a new, as yet unrecognised, sub genre of “identifying as transgender”? Identifying as identifying as.
    What a tangled web.

  2. I don’t usually subscribe to the mad feminist ‘it’s a man’s world and what they say goes!’ doctrine, but compare and contrast the MSM’s adamant refusal to dub this a ‘man’ with the fact they happily write headlines like ‘she exposed her penis’ and you start to wonder, don’t you?

    Why the difference?

  3. “identified as transgender”

    Is this the same as “So called Islamic State” ?
    The favourite phrase of our So called BBC for a while…

  4. . . . they happily write headlines like ‘she exposed her penis’ and you start to wonder, don’t you?

    I often get the impression they write stuff like that to emphasise the absurdity. The cultural climate (law?) requires them to conform to the demands of trannieism, so why not highlight the ludicrous incongruities along the way.

    The Rebel Compliance.

  5. Completely incoherent. Male using female pronouns then going back to male, or female starting to use male pronouns?

    Pictures are…not conclusive (at least to my eyes).

    The actions are certainly stereotypically male. Female would be more likely to poison the kids.

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    We’re soon going to have trouble distinguishing Shooters of No Appearance from Shooters of No Appearance.

  7. JuliaM – I don’t think anybody takes FtM’s seriously, not even FtM’s.

    They’re terrified of the MtF’s, because a lot of them are big, burly, aggressive blokes in frocks.

  8. Somehow I’m not seeing the stories that this is a trans terrorist radicalized by the incessant drumbeat of misinformation from the left wing press.

    The fact she was being treated for mental illness is also missing. She also stated that she skipped attacking a school that was better defended.

    This will be memory holed along with the other recent trans shooter.

  9. I wanted to post about the testosterone angle but “M” has already mentioned it. Anyway, this is a quote from an article I just read:

    There is a 100% chance the bitch was on testosterone. This happened once before, with the only other female mass shooter, which was a trans on testosterone. I am the single most anti-woman person you’re going to find, but I will tell you, of the bad things that women do, shooting random people is not one of those things. This is 100% a result of testosterone.


  10. These people are quite mad:

    Update: Police identified the suspect as a 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who they shot and killed at the scene. CBS News is still working to confirm Hale’s gender identity.

    Not the Nine O’Clock News called this kind of leftist priority confusion over 40 years ago. Listen to “Frances Morrell” from about 23:30.

  11. The BBC managed a whole report without commiting to a he or she, referring to “the shooter”.

    Whatever happened to preferred pronouns?

  12. The BBC managed a whole report without commiting to a he or she, referring to “the shooter”.

    But was it a mostly peaceful rampage?

  13. I seem to recall that some (many, most, all?) mass shooters in the US were taking (or not taking) medication prescribed for mental ‘issues’. This doesn’t seem to get too much attention in the msm (as with incidents where the perp is a coloured person).

  14. @Addolff

    The thing that is in common between a huge number of mass shooters is that they are American. For comparison, Canada had 17 mass shootings in the years 2000-2022 while the USA had 30 in December 2022 alone (which was the lowest month that year – July had 100).

    Guns don’t kill people: Americans kill people.

  15. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    “But was it a mostly peaceful rampage?”

    No. This was a trampage.

    Also to be distinguished from a peaceful rampage.

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