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Fun facts about Mexico


When it comes to touristic cities around the world, there is always something new you can learn every day. When you start to think about Mexico, what comes to your mind? Maybe tequila, tacos, beaches, and mariachis… but Mexico is more than that! It also has an incredible natural and cultural diversity that will amaze you. Check out some fun facts about this amazing country below, we are sure they will surprise you!

Mexico is home to the world’s largest pyramid

Most people often associate pyramids with Egypt, but Mexico has its own too! The Great Pyramid of Cholula in Puebla is the largest in the world by volume. It’s 25 meters high and its base is 300 by 315 meters wide. Its total volume is 4.5 million cubic meters, which makes it much larger than the one in Giza; however, it is much less popular as well. The main reason for this is that it’s hidden inside a mountain. The pyramid has a particular feature: a church built by the Spanish conquerors on its top.

69 different languages are spoken in Mexico

Mexico is one of the richest linguistic countries in the world. Aside from Spanish, you will find 68 Indigenous languages, including náhuatl, mixtec, and otomi. You won’t find any other country in America with such a vast diversity. These Indigenous languages are recognized as national languages as well.

Mexico City is the second city in the world with the most significant number of museums

Mexico City is a fantastic cultural destination with numerous museums. You will be surprised by all the things you will learn when you explore the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Bellas Artes Museum, and many more. You can find more than 170 museums plus remains of several Aztec constructions all over the city. This makes it the second city in the world with the higher number of museums, only surpassed by London, with over 200 of them.

Mexico is a big-time Coca-Cola consumer

Mexicans drink 163 liters of Coca-Cola per person annually. This rate of consumption is unique to this country. Unfortunately, the high consumption rate also translates in people’s deteriorating health, with increased rates of diabetes and overweight. Aside from Coca-Cola, locals also consume large amounts of junk food, and they lack exercise on their routines. Since 2013, the government has introduced taxes to this type of food and has invested in content about high fat and sugar to change people’s minds on how they deal with unhealthy habits.

Mexico is Latin America’s most visited tourist destination

Mexico receives significantly more visitors than any other country in Latin America. It is listed on the top ten most visited countries worldwide, which comes as no surprise to anyone, given its perfect mixture of culture and nature seen in its incredible monuments and Caribbean beaches.

Mexico Visa Requirements

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