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Good grief

Bastiat’s famous Candlestick makers’ Petition
Frédéric Bastiat


Pétition des fabricants de chandelles

It’s candle makers, not candlestick. Worth getting the translation of the epochal text right, no?

10 thoughts on “Good grief”

  1. Off topic but it’s about France, so hey.

    The BBC on turmoil in France about pensions reform and the public reaction.

    “Instead, people seem more inclined to believe the arguments of the left and far-right”

    Not “the left and the right” not “the far left and the far right”.

    Always the right is the far right.

    BBC impartiality.

  2. My wife once met a chap who made his living repairing chandeliers, which are a step up (ho ho) from candlesticks.

    Pub quiz question: how do you clean a chandelier?

  3. “Tub of gin. Water leaves deposits.”

    Blame faulty memory. I was sure I’d seen film/etc of immersion cleaning, and smugly remembering that the Trotter Method was wrong. 🙂

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