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Good grief, whatever next?

But that’s changing: Today’s young adults, especially young women, are increasingly finding romance in their friend groups. In our survey, 43% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 said they were in a relationship with someone who was first a friend, including an astonishing 50% of women in that cohort.

Knowing someone before shagging them? How will humanity survive?

8 thoughts on “Good grief, whatever next?”

  1. My wife and I met at the Young Conservatives (in the far distant past when there were still Conservatives) as did at least another 7 couples we knew. My three Brothers in Law were all brothers of friends of my sisters when they were introduced to each other.I can think of several more married couples who met whilst working in the same office/factory. Does this not happen now? Does no one marry the girl next door or from down the street ?
    Surely the dating apps are mainly used by those who have left home and the local social circle and are now living in the big city.

  2. Back in the day the only way of meeting people was through acquaintances and friendship circles and possib ly travel on holiday or business. In any case it was person to person

    Online dating and social media supposedly ended all that but given all the dangers, catfishing etc maybe the youngsters are turning back to people they trust

    Not a bad thing

  3. Of course it does depend a bit on what constitutes being ‘friends’ among young people these days. That could include plenty of bedroom activity that they do not consider ‘a relationship’. Thus its quite possible that these people have been shagging their significant other for some time prior to ‘the relationship’ starting, which rather makes the whole ‘friends first’ shift a bit moot.

  4. “Whether it’s a meetup at a dimly lit bar, an awkward blind date, a speed-dating event, or even an answer to a classified ad in the newspaper, American dating has long been an experiment of throwing strangers together and hoping for the best.”

    That first sentence shows how shallowly the writer understands his subject. And he’s astonishment is amusing.

    Dating has not “long been an experiment of throwing strangers together” Yes, dating agencies and the like existed, but outside that and arranged marriages most people have always found their partners from amongst friends, colleagues and friends of friends.

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