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Heat, kitchen

As Sir Pterry has pointed out:

Bacon placed in Muslim police officer’s boots as racist behaviour ‘dismissed’ by Met
Casey review highlighted numerous instances of appalling racism and discrimination faced by serving members at the hands of some colleagues

The point is not what was done. Nor which weakness – perceived weakness, belief, attribute – it was done about. It is why it was done. Which is that in the close confines of the police – and this does indeed happen in the close confines of many a stressful organisation – it’s about what you do when it is done to you. Garlic in the vampire’s locker etc etc.

They’re going to, at some point, depend upon you for their own lives. There are going to be tests of whether they can so rely upon the way.

14 thoughts on “Heat, kitchen”

  1. Nah Boganboy. Only white man can be racist. For anyone else it’s an expression of cultural heritage and white man not fully acknowledging this.

  2. Have just seen the PFA want drinks breaks for moslems during games played in the evening during bombadan. Checking further, it seems they’ve already done it, when the 2021 game between Leicester and Palace was stopped so that TWO players could take on fluids…

    Coming soon…..”Football Association announce that the length of matches increased to allow 10 – 15 minutes salat. Prayer mats and a qibla compass provided in the centre circle to ensure they face Mecca”.

    Can these people please fuck off

  3. At the Police College in Hendon there was once a new chef for the contractors’ canteen.

    He was a Muslim
    He refused to cook pork
    Their most popular meal was all-day breakfasts


  4. Funny, I thought the Old Bill was now institutionally Blairite so they would be immune from criticism. I suppose since Blair would be the leader of the current Conservative Party, that means they’re not Lefty enough.
    Lefties, of course, are NEVER racist. I remember the Grauniad publishing a cartoon of Priti Patel as a blimp in the shape of a pig. Not racism guv! No way!

  5. “Anyone tried that sort of trick on me and I’d have stuck a truncheon up his arse.”

    Yeah, that’s where they find that you will break and end up on charges for beating a perp to death (and bringing your fellow officers into the dock with you).

    It’s all about what you do in return. Don’t do anything, and you are a pushover. Break out in violence, and you will do that to civilians. Either one is not what you want in an officer who will be dealing with stroppy drunks week after week.

  6. Quite happy for black and Muslim communities to police themselves. Who the hell in their right mind would want that burden?

    While we are at it we can adjust the correct ratio of blacks on TV to 4% of actors and not 84%.

  7. @M: then it’s a stupid test. In the unlikely event of my becoming a policemen I’d have handled drunks with equanimity. They’re drunk: what would you expect? But a colleague who plays “practical jokes” with all the lame-brained bullying that that involves: not bloody likely. He wouldn’t do it to me twice.

    A bit of “banter”: a bit of teasing – OK by me; I’d give as good as I get. Sticks and stones, etc. But not beyond that.

  8. So that time we put beach towels on a German colleague’s chair and desk should now be viewed as racist behaviour, or is it xenophobic what’s the dividing line?

    PS he found it funny and recognised it was a sign that we were comfortable enough to joke with him and said that’s why he didn’t work in Germany as most people there had no sense of humour

  9. But a colleague who plays “practical jokes” with all the lame-brained bullying that that involves: not bloody likely. He wouldn’t do it to me twice.

    Yup. I despise practical jokes. They are the preserve of the terminally immature. Not funny, not clever and deserve a sharp response that deters repeat behaviour.

  10. Effnik lady on the wireless this evening: “when will senior police officers look like me?”

    Typical career length of police officer: 30 years.
    When has mass migration upturned local demographics: the last 20 years.

    Yeah, 30 years ago the police should have been recruiting people WHO HADN’T EVEN BEEN BORN YET!

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