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Hmm, dunno

Ron DeSantis is just getting started with his rightwing agenda. That should worry us all
Margaret Sullivan

58% of Floridians seem to think it’s not worrying. And we do believe in democracy, right?

16 thoughts on “Hmm, dunno”

  1. She probably votes Democrat.
    My rough rule of thumb is that anything with “Democratic” in their name is using it for the same reason Dick Turpin was worried about getting COVID…

    e.g. “German Democratic Republic”

  2. The tragedy is that fewer people aren’t copying his playbook and clamping down hard on these Leftwing lunatics… as I recall from Thatcher’s memoirs discussing ‘Storming’ Norman Tebbit :

    ‘The howls of protest that greeted his appointment told me I had the right man. This was a man they feared’

    Be good for these militant trans nut jobs who have been terrorising women and children with the approval of a few zealots to feel some discomfort.

  3. V_P, the ‘Chingford skinhead’. Spitting Image had him down to a T, in a leather jacket. With a cosh. Brilliant.

    And don’t forget the ‘cricket test’ or him being a union man either.

    Proper politicians, not the political pygmies we have today.

  4. Their definition of democracy is them telling the masses what to vote for and them obeying without debate 🙁

    Deviations from this plan produce a combination of confusion and hatred

  5. ‘ 58% of Floridians seem to think it’s not worrying. And we do believe in democracy, right?’

    No because that’s populism – a threat to democracy – when the majority don’t vote the correct way.

  6. Adolff

    Even some of the less well known lights who were ‘wet’ like Hurd, Heseltine or Patten were relatively speaking titans. I am quite fond of the Pygmy people so out of deference to them avoid using the term out of context but the Shadow front bench are the political equivalent of the TT scale models Murphy uses as scenery on his toy train sets..

  7. Well, I did read the Guardian article. The things they criticise would certainly win my vote.

    So there!!

  8. @VP -hate to disagree, but being pedantic I doubt the potato models in TT scale(1/120) The most common scale in the Uk is 00 scale (1/76) though TT is the second-most popular scale in Central Europe and Russia. Perhaps if it’s TT scale he’s modelling a gulag for the likes of us.

  9. With a modern end-of-terrace in Ely there won’t be much room, even with a sole occupant. I’m thinking it’ll need N scale models (1:160) to encompass the necessary breadth of vision and those microscope jobbies that brain surgeons use on their glasses to see it all.

  10. The thing about such questions is OK, legal under what circumstances? On demand up to 39 weeks? A position some very few take. On demand up to 16 weeks, after only in cases of maternal health or foetal genetic problems? Like some European countries? Probably could gain 58% support for something like that. Or perhaps a little tighter.

    But “Americans support abortion” isn’t a useful claim. Because the entire thing is about in which circumstances do they?

  11. Grenville

    I think Tim makes the essential point – the question is under what circumstances. Several Left wingers are on the record (whether consciously or half wittedly) as endorsing abortion up to three months after birth has taken place – all because of the woman’s ‘right to choose’ trumping all else (no pun intended there) – a small but vocal minority oppose abortion in all circumstances. The point is that 50% ratio encompasses a wide range of positions. It’s largely academic of course given Klaus Schwab’s plans…

  12. Yes. Quite fair. It is complicated and means different things to different people. But Ron wants to ban it beyond 6 weeks.. which is as close to a de facto total ban as you can get. So you’re correct, but also deliberately missing the point.

    Florida Republicans are trying to pass a law that know does not have democratic support. They are entitled to do so, of course, because this is just how it works. Democratically elected people routinely do things that they know do not have democratic support and would not get it if presented as a stand-alone option. And boy will you ram us with that point when’s future UK government mulls over taking another look at that whole Brexit thing.

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