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Hmm, gosh, dunno

In the UK, being a woman means you’re three times more likely than a man to have a mental health problem. Rates of self-harm among young women have more than tripled since the 1990s. For those facing interlocking systems of oppression, it gets worse. Black British women are more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health problem than white women. South Asian women are 2.5 times more likely to attempt suicide than white women. Trans women and gender non-conforming folks face a “crisis of trans mental health”. But are women really becoming more “mentally ill”, or are we simply having understandable responses to a traumatising and unjust world?

Could be, could be.

Could also be that women are simply more neurotic about the shittiness of parts of life.

17 thoughts on “Hmm, gosh, dunno”

  1. Well, anyone trying to live up to the image of the Modern Feminist Lady as mandated promoted by the various outlets that commercially aim for the peer-pressure soft spot women tend to have..

    Yes… I can see where they’d get depressed…

  2. So the more victim labels you can collect then the more batshit you are. And let me guess – this is solved by free stuff?

  3. As the great T. Sowell may have asked, how does this compare with the rates of mental illness among women in other countries with different cultures and demographics?

  4. Trans women and gender non-conforming folks face a “crisis of trans mental health”.

    It’s actually the reverse: young people with mental health issues are more likely to declare themselves ‘trans’ or indulge in an eating disorder or whatever is fashionable at the time.

  5. Maybe it is because of the parental pressure that they are more likely to attempt to suicide.

    Maybe they get “honour suicided”

  6. “In the UK, being a woman means you’re three times more likely …
    I call bullshit on this, because it confounds the general with the particular.
    If you are a woman with critical faculties, married to a man who doesn’t beat you, have a satisfactory job and a couple of kids you are most unlikely to have mental health “issues”.
    On the other hand, if you read the Guardian, Cosmo, Salon, etc…

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Could also be that women are simply more neurotic about the shittiness of parts of life.

    Something that Jordan Peterson has pointed out many times – woman are,, by and large, more prone to negative emotions.

  8. Are women madder? I don’t know.

    The author of the article, on the other hand, certainly is:

    `”Sanah Ahsan is an award-winning poet,

    HCPC registered clinical psychologist, writer, presenter, speaker and educator.​

    Her work is centred on compassion, and embracing each other’s madness. Her psychological practice is rooted in liberation and community psychology, drawing on therapeutics, poetics, and post-activism as interconnected practices to support racialised and marginalised people.

    Her published research is on the

    deconstruction of whiteness within UK clinical psychology.”


  9. It used to be said that women were more likely to be neurotic, men psychotic.

    Are there still people bold enough to argue that that is, ye know, a fact?

  10. There’s a theory I’ve heard about women’s quite convincing. There’s only one brain between the lot of ’em. All one needs to do is work out who’s using it this week & avoid her.

  11. I think the problem with young women is the vacuous lives they lead. And I’m not talking here about the less than 10% of women who are Margaret Thatcher, Kate Swann or Grace Hopper. Those are the women for whom it was worth having all that feminism, so they could live lives more like men. So all of this is for the 90%, not the 10%.

    Women should be working from the age of 15 and trying to find a husband reasonably quickly.

    1) Women do not need to do A levels, or go to university. “But this empowers women in their career”. No, it doesn’t. Because these women don’t do *useful* A levels or degrees. Nothing you learn about the suffragettes or renaissance art matters to the job you get at Starbucks or Direct Line.

    2) “But women need to build their careers, not just have families”. No, women don’t have careers. They have jobs. They are punch-clock workers who do as they are told, taking little interest in how to do it better or developing themselves.

    3) “I want to travel”. No, you want to go to famous places to send Instagram photos to your group of girls. All of whom hate each other.

    4) “I’m waiting for Mr Right”. You’ve met the standard of men you’re going to get when you’re a teenager. There isn’t some land of well-hung bankers looking for moderately attractive women, despite what television tells you. You’ll spend years looking for him, and eventually as your body clock gets close to expiry, settle for some guy who is no better than that kid who asked you out in the 5th year.

    All of this makes young women miserable. They’d be much happier going to work at 15, doing something that is useful, finding a reasonable bloke to marry and having babies before they’re 21.

  12. The suicide rate for men is 3-4 times that of women.

    Surely ‘trans mental health’ is inevitably in crisis? If you are a chap and believe you are a woman then you are definitively mental.

  13. Apparently 80% of UK psychologists are women. With this data, that makes sense. If you’re more likely to interact with that profession or develop an interest to understand your own issues, you’ve a higher propensity to elect that subject area to study and as a career path.
    But put another way- The self selection of people with mental issues choosing jobs to understand and treat mental issues might not always lead to the best results.

  14. I’d love to know more about these ‘interlocking systems of oppression’.
    They exist only in the evil heteronormative white patriarchal societies, or are they even worse in primitive societies such as those organized around cruel and unusual religions of peace? They exist only in rich countries, not backward shitholes?

    Und so weiter…

  15. Maybe they’d be a little more well-adjusted if they weren’t introduced to concepts like “free bleeding” or “ethical non-monogamy” or “chopping off your tits and sewing on a cock.”

    Also, maybe “Eat, Pray, Love” wasn’t the best model for how women should deal with the hardships of life. I’m divorced too, and taking expensive vacations on your publisher’s dime doesn’t fix shit.

    I swear, I’m seeing every 30-something woman who doesn’t have her shit together buying a dog, traveling to Morocco and starting some kind of “organizing” business. There’s no sense of long-term solutions with them.

    What were we talking about?

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